The Most Embarrassing Moment while I Speak Chinese
Taipei Medical University- Pachuri Wianglor 

你好Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Pachuri Wianglor and I come from Thailand. I am a first year student doing a Masters in Health Care Administration at the Taipei Medical University. TMU is where I first started to learn Chinese and where I got my first Chinese name in my life[我姓王,我叫王莉].Honestly ,I don’t know the meaning of my Chinese name but I love this name because it sound likes something very beautiful or something good. Actually, I have studied Chinese for 4 months by a wonderful .She is the one who made me fall in love with the Chinese language  and then  to work hard on learning more about it.

First, it is quite hard for me who has never ever known Chinese. Once I started learning the Chinese language, after class I would be so excited to try to practice my Chinese everywhere and every opportunity I had. I tried speaking with every Taiwanese whom I met and tried to talk with them every Chinese word that I knew. So this is where my story begins. The first month of my studying Chinese I started to learn how to say greetings in Chinese and how to introduce myself to the people as well. By the way, these should be the simplest thing that you can do it, right? Yes so do I! But before that, could you imagine that the person who was very excited and could not wait and tried to take every chance to speak Chinese to Taiwanese expected that the Taiwanese would understand your first Chinese words. Then you tried to speak fluently and tried to pronounce the words as a native would speak it but unfortunately they did not get what you said to them. After experiencing that it made you down and made you lose some confidence to say that word again ….That is exactly what happened to me and it affected me a lot.

So that was me in the past three and half months. I encouraged myself positively and then I tried the new way to seriously practice my Chinese. I started to make friends with the Taiwanese, hang out with them and I would not miss any opportunity to speak Chinese to them. So it was very helpful because I felt that my Chinese was improving slowly and I became more confident to speak the Chinese language. However I can recall that, “The most Embarrassing Moment while I spoke Chinese ” happened  once when I went to Hualien with my Taiwanese friend. She introduced me many of her Taiwanese friends. I felt very happy and I told myself “This is a good chance for me to practice , practice and practice Chinese”. We went to a restaurant and we chatted about many stories in both Chinese and English. During our conversation someone in our group said something in Chinese but I really did not understand what they were saying and so I said “不懂! bud`ong ! budˋong! ” loudly, firmly and proudly .But what I remembered is everyone was looking at me like what the hell are you saying? So I repeated it again and then they started laughing and talking amongst themselves and then said “budoˇng. They then explained that my pronunciation was wrong and that the way I pronounced it meant something not good. I felt so embarrassed and a little bit upset about myself at first. In fact now I realize that there are good things inside the bad things too. I have learnt that a slight mispronunciation in the Chinese language can mean something entirely different even if it is spelled the same way.

Presently I try to practice my pronunciation and listen keenly when I speak with my friends. I would like to thank all my Taiwanese friends who are also my Chinese.

All in all, I still love to learn Chinese and try harder for improving my Chinese because I think I am lucky to have a chance to know and learn the one of the most famous languages in the world. I believe I can do it!