The Most Embarrassing Moment while I Speak Chinese
National Cheng Kung University-Huynh Thi Minh Truc

Time passes really fast. Now I’m the second-semester student. Six months in Taiwan passed with many memorable and interesting things. Chinese is also one of my most significant successes during the last semester. Six months ago, I could not understand the language which people here speak – Chinese is really difficult and inconvenient for me in daily communication. For example, I cannot understand what shop keepers say such as goods type, price and some specifications. Sellers as well as I have to use body languages and digits to understand each other. That’s uncomfortable!

Thank God! Now I can use Chinese language for shopping. Although I have not spoke Chinese fluently, I can see price and speak some simple sentences and words. That’s resulted from my Chinese class last semester. During last semester, there’re many statement which I really confused and sometime funny, but the most embarrassing statement is on the Trip Day of my Chinese Class. The trip was held on December 3rd, 2010 at Hutoupi Scenic Area by NCKU Chinese Language Centre. That was really interesting and unforgettable. That’s our opportunity to practice and improve Chinese skills.

That trip was really funny with many games which require everyone had to use Chinese language. I was interested in the game which players have to use both body language and Chinese speaking together to describe some body parts such nose, ear, eye, hair,…etc.  Losers have to do follow winners’ ideas. Each team has three people and I was assigned one of them. Oh my God! I was worry much because I only had just learned Chinese three months. How I can play! How I can win! The rule is this player has to express actions differing to words which describe body parts and that player’s task is doing oppositely with what this player does. If any player has 3 errors, that player had to be fined by performing some funny actions. In addition, lose teams also be subtracted 3 points. Although, we knew it was only funny games, I as well as my team really nervous and worry.

Start! Oh my God! It was difficult! I was second player of team, and I only had about 1 minute to learn some body parts in Chinese such as nose, ear, eye, chin, hair, etc. Finally, Game playing order turned to me. That’s fine, I said to myself that I would try my best and feel willing receiving funny penalty. Ha-ha! The first time I won, I really happy and laugh loudly. However, I lost at the second and the third time. The reason was that I made confusion between “Chin” (下巴) and “Nose” (鼻子). I violated the rule. As the result, I had to receive stupid punish is that I had to jump like a frog. Ha-ha!

Over all, that trip laid on my mind as well as all participants many happiness and smile. That was a really useful field trip for us, international student, to learn and improve Chinese language skills. That’s trip also help us discover beautiful sights of Tainan, a historical city of beautiful Taiwan. Certainly, after that trip I have not confused between下巴and 鼻子 longer.