Taiwanese Cuisine is one of the most interesting I’ve ever come across. Its pros are its cons!! It’s so delicious you might as well label it as addictive and so accessible, probably way too easy to feed the addiction. It’s different but so good; it’s complex but has a little bit of everything you’ve known before.
I think I may be in love with the Taiwanese Cuisine on a whole. It started with dumplings, duh! I can have fried dumplings or steamed dumplings, meat dumplings or vegetarian dumplings, my absolute favorite. I have tried them all. There are so many other dumplings out in the night markets but none can hold a candle to the dumplings sold at my school’s cafeteria. After my first dumpling I spent hours in my school’s cafeteria sampling the others: fried pork dumpling, steamed pork dumpling, steamed garden fresh dumpling, fried garden fresh dumplings, steamed shrimp dumplings and leek dumplings.



Tofu had always been something near and dear to my heart. However being in Taiwan has made my love affair with tofu become irrepressible. There’s tofu everywhere and its served with everything. Its pressed; its fried up and makes me insatiable to my rice, my noodles and my soup. It would be remise of me not to mention my trial and success with the infamous ‘Chou Dofu’ Stinky tofu. It’s simply put, divine. Shocking but divine, its smell can sometimes be repulsive but I think that may be the reason why it’s so full of flavor. I promise an open mind is all you need. I’m addicted to the stuff.
To have a genuine Taiwanese experience getting food you need to get in line at a night market. Food preparation there is so unique. Sometimes I can’t help but stand in awe for several minutes at the performances they put on while preparing the food. Even if it’s simply flipping eggs it seems as though the cooks do it with some sort of technique that takes years to develop. They move with a certain manipulation of the kitchen utensils that make me feel as though I should be paying them something extra for the show. No wonder the lines are so lengthy sometimes, it isn’t just because the food is mouth-watering, and they also get in line for the show.
Okay, I’ll admit it I wasn’t always in love with Taiwanese cuisine. Although from the onset I noticed that most of the food here was a combination of so many interesting things, I still had a major problem. It looked really different from what I was usedto. I confess I missed red beans and oh my, my mother’s home cooking, but once I got an open mind I was hooked, like a fish. Fried rice is so delicious, tofu is divine, cheese potatoes are finger licking good and rice noodles are sinfully good I can’t resist a street vendor with dumplings or fried chicken stake, especially with ham and cheese in the middle. You must try it.
 Warning you may gain a few pounds after you start on your new food exploration in Taiwan. I repeat its an addiction waiting to happen.