Western mentality of Asian thin looking is one of the things we can prove it wrong as soon as we got to Taiwan.As a man, I was not paying too much attention to some kilograms more or some kilograms less, but I heard many opinions from the other side, female.
There is still on my nose, like a smell memory, the first meal I had when I got to Taipei, it was a lunch box that counselors in Shida were buying for the ‘new ICDF arrivals’ and I hated it. It was this strong rice and garlic smell, with a black boiled egg, meat and some fried vegetables.



I was thinking that the picture I already fixed in my mind about Asian food in general was absolutely different than what it really is once you are here. Honestly, I did not like it. I think I was just not used to the different taste or the shock was too hard to my palate.
It was too different for me and not really a pleasure to eat those eggs boiled in water of tea at the beginning. Now, after 19 months living in Taiwan, I can finally understand that it was probably not the best choice for the new arrivals, or that my expectations were different.
Back in my country, the concept of Chinese food is totally different, ingredients, vegetables, side dishes, everything is already adapted to our taste, and I understand it, because if owners were cooking Chinese food with the real ingredients, probably they would not have many customers, because of the different taste. And not only in my country, but every international food should be adapted to customers likes.
I can say that Pros in Taiwanese food are variety, extreme combinations and exotic looking. For example, I never tried sweet red beans, because I have eaten them salty all my life, and it was too weird to try them as a desert. This pro was a cons when I just got here.
Another pro in Taiwanese food is also strong connected to culture and to eating habits. When I was a kid I was not eating most of healthy stuff just because I did not like them, but I think that Taiwanese food and culture kind of force people to eat healthy food since they are kids.
It is not my case, but Taiwanese food is very convenient for vegetarians because they have a lot of options everywhere they go, restaurants, night markets and food courts are always taking in consideration different kind of habits and customs.
In the other hand, cons in Taiwanese food according to my own experience and I’m sure I coincide with another students was that it is too oily. As I mentioned above, I did not really enjoy the food during the first weeks, and I started to buy only the things I knew, I was not ready to experience new tastes, so I lost weight. But once I started to try everything I could (after a couple of months) I gain weight, and I also noticed with my classmates.
So now I also know that Taiwanese thin looking is not because of their diet, but because of race.
Another cons would be the fact that drinks are too sweet sometimes, which is not really healthy because it can cause diabetes, increase the cholesterol rates and produce saturated fat, but these are issues more related to an specialist.
It is hard now to mention the cons for Taiwanese food when I’m very used to it, and in fact I will miss some of the delicacies I know I cannot find back in my country.