To my palate I am not really a fan of Taiwanese food, but there are several dishes that are really good. I have been around with several of my local friends and have found several dishes that are really good. My favorite local dish is the pig elbow, but not everyone can prepare it good. To me most of the food here is cooked without any seasons and are basically simple. But then again it’s the culture and the type of food that is eaten here. So mostly I cook every day at my apartment. Whenever I go home I would bring seasons and ingredients from my country so that I can prepare home style meals. The culture and the food of this country are far different from that of which I am accustomed to. Here mostly everything is boiled or fried and a lot of vegetables. At home we do a lot of stew, BNQ baking and other methods of cooking. 
I have noticed that most of the people here like to eat vegetables especially the young teenagers. It is something that has surprised me because back home you would never see a young person eating vegetables. Our parents would force us to eat them and as soon as they move away we would throw it away and not eat it. What has also caught my attention is the way the food is prepared here. I go to eat at those steakhouses and the way they prepare the food is totally different. The beef or the meat is cooked aside without anything, and then the seasoning is then place in a container when the food is served. Which does not give the meat any taste at all but it is loved here, which is really strange for us, we would never eat our steak like this. For us we prepare the meat first in the seasons and then cook it so that the taste is embedded in the meat.
So over all the food is not a major part of my daily life here in Taiwan because I cook my home style food which makes me feel at home. So I don’t really have any problem with the food here just that I don’t eat out much. Most of my meals are cooked by myself which is something really good for me. I enjoy cooking a lot so I really care about the food here, so it is like am at home when it comes to the food but in Taiwan when it comes to everything else.