Cuisine is defined as a style or method of cooking, especially, characteristic to a particular country, region, or establishment. The cuisine in Taiwan is very exquisite and unlike anything that I have ever tried before. The combinations of flavors and aromas really have a long lasting effect on the palette. Whether you purchase your meal in a night market, the cafeteria, or even in an all- you- can- eat restaurant, the vast combination of flavors exudes Taiwanese culture.
   Being in Taiwan, I have had the opportunity to try many types of Taiwanese food, inclusive of my favorites being dumplings, oolong mian, nui rou mian, and all the many combinations of tofu dishes. I absolutely love the breakfast places, where I can get dumplings and dan-ping, with a hot cup of soymilk. For lunch, fried rice or a soup works really well too. And for dinner, a stop at the hot pot restaurants makes the perfect meal.
     I’ve also had to the opportunity to try foods that in my eyes are exquisite and unlike anything I’ve ever had, such as the foods made from blood, as well as the stinky tofu, snails, fish eggs frog legs and bbq squid. Food in Taiwan is so much different from my country, and since I’ve been here, I have always been eager to try many different kinds. I enjoy going to the night market and trying random foods, I once ate frog legs at a night market in Kaohsiung, which was a bit strange, however, the chef prepared it really well in a mouth watering ginger stew.
     What I have learnt about trying new foods, especially here in Taiwan, is that there are going to be the times when your body absolutely rejects the food; like the time I tried stinky tofu and I caught a slight diarrhea for 2 days. I have to admit, there are rarely any food that I do not like here in Taiwan, apart from stinky tofu and the blood food combinations, I enjoy eating all the rest.
     Taiwanese teas are among my favorites, I enjoy drinking a hot cup of green tea without sugar. It makes me very relaxed; not only by the slightly sweet flavor, but the aroma it has really helps to cleanse the mind. I also love the wide selection of mochi candies.
    The Taiwanese people often prepare foods in regards to the events; I love the Tang Yuan Soup. I once tried Zhong-Zhou; that had a unique flavor. Eating in Taiwan is not only about filling the stomach, but many of the foods have a meaning behind it, which makes eating also a learning experience.
     If I was to give advice to anybody travelling to Taiwan, I would definitely say to them to be open to the wide range of dishes. I’ve come across many foreigners that are scared and very picky when it comes to eating. I do believe that one way to truly experience a foreign culture is by exploring there cuisine. As foreigners, and travelers, we need to be bold to try the dishes that have the weird colors, awkward presentation and interesting smells; you would surprise yourself to find out that those are often the best tasting foods that the country has to offer.
     I do not know the names of half the foods I have tried here; however, I can safely say that I enjoyed eating most of them. Sometimes I think I have this attitude towards food simply because I love eating, or maybe the Taiwanese are excellent cooks.