Taiwan as it is well known by many countries around the world is a very peaceful country compared to other nations. This country and my own country The Gambia had consolidated an excellent and a cordial diplomatic relationship among themselves.
Moreover, this is my first experience in Taiwan and I have learned so many things for the last three months of my stay in Taiwan. I visited so many places and witnessed so many important occasions like the military parade final rehearsal. I have learned so many things that will be very much helpful to me after successfully completing my studies and returned to my home country.
Now that I am here in Taiwan where everything is totally different than things are in my country, but that is what I thought it was going to be. Consequently I have so many advantages and benefits that will help me to start a new life in a different country. For instance, some of the advantages are: learning a new language, learning a new culture, meeting new people, becoming more independent and more responsible which will assist me to effectively and efficiently manage my life from home.
Furthermore, the most crucial thing I do is to try to learn the language. This is my greatest advantage because once I was able to speak the local language; I will have an easier time thought all the upcoming things. Another benefit I find once I was able to speak the language is that people respect me. Also, when I was able to speak and comprehend the language, I find plenty more opportunities that open my horizons in this country.
My stay in Taiwan and my ability to speak and effectively communicate with the local people made me to be able to interact with the local people. My interaction with them helped me to practice the language and as a result of that, I was able to develop an accurate accent. Having an accurate accent, I was able to make friends and got to know more people because they were able to understand me better and they feel happy the moment I speak the language to them. By meeting more people, I was able to understand their culture better, their traditions, the way they interact each other, and the way they do everything.
Also, with the hospitality of the Taiwanese people I was taken to some interesting and historic places to see and learn things relevant to my life. With the technological innovation and advancement of Taiwan, they were able to have the most expensive MRT transport system which according to my own experience, enable me to have a good and a wonderful adventure in Taiwan. Everything is in full control to make sure that no accidents and criminal acts occur.
Another great adventure which I experience in Taiwan is the independent behavior that grows inside of me. Living on my own far from my family and my country gives me a lot of life organization experience in Taiwan. Since it is up to me and no one else to go to school, clean my room, wash my clothes, and organize my expenses, I was able to easily develop a good and a strong sense of responsibility. Being independent and responsible will strongly assist me get through life and every goal and objective I want to achieve.
Furthermore, one of my adventures in Taiwan is that I was able to have a great opportunity to meet people from other countries. This is another advantage of being out of my country because I learned from other points of views of other foreigners; as a result of that, I was able to get to know their culture, their customs, and how they do things a little bit better.
When I was here in Taiwan at the beginning, things were hard to me because of the new environment. But by the way I have to remember that all changes are difficult, and that it is necessary to go through them to build my character, and most importantly, it helps me to appreciate everything I have. Not realizing how lucky I am can be a mistake because things don’t last forever and we have to make the best out of them.
Finally, I knew that being in a foreign country was going to be challenging for me. This is my first three months living in this country and I like Taiwan just as my country The Gambia. I usually enjoy being out of my country and home because every new thing I learn, make me have a better comprehending of how the world works
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