Hi my name is David Fernando Pineda Pinto. I come from Honduras, Central America. At this time I am around 15,000 kilometer from Honduras, far away from home. Very close to midterms examinations, in front of my computer at my study room writing this submission.
I arrived in Taiwan late August this 2011. I came here to study an Agriculture Economic Master Program at National Taiwan University (NTU), this university is located in Taipei. I decided to come to Taiwan to explore a new country. Its rich culture, people, cuisine, education, politics, economy, way of living, etc. Also one of the reasons that encouraged me to come is that I am economist and I would like to live closer about Taiwan and some Asian countries economic miracle.
I have been here for almost 3 months. I can say that I have spent a really good time during this period. But maybe is not enough time to describe my adventure in Taiwan because I will be here for two years and I think and hope that I will live many adventures in coming time. I admit that there are lots of things to discover and live in Taiwan yet. So I will comment my experienced so far.
Most of the time I have been here spending time in Taipei city where I am living, and especially on NTU campus.Classes take most of my daily time and I haven’t had the chance to travel to other parts in Taiwan (I will do next vacations). Just once as part of a trip class. Really good trip, it was a papaya festival and we also visit some farms.
When I arrived here it was summer season, the weather was really hot and humid. No quite good for me because I prefer cold weather, also at the beginning I found food no really tasty, but in this matter I am getting used and at this time I feel it a bit better (no delicious). These are maybe the only two things that caused a bit problem for me.
I have encountered more pleasant things. I like this is a safe country. Many times I have walked or biking on street very late, nothing happen. The transportation is really friendly in Taipei, it saved a lot of time. There are markets, restaurants, all kind of stores everywhere and every time open.
Here in the university they offer us all kind of facilities, for instance there are a lot of resources available like books, laboratory, knowledge, internet (wireless), space, etc. Also, administrative staff that collaborate every time we have any inquietude, people that help if we have problem to communicate because Chinese language.
My program is designed for international students.I have made good friends from different countries and I have known people from different countries too. I have only one Taiwanese classmate. He is a good friend by the way. He is interested in learn Spanish and I am interested in learn Chinese, so we agreed to have language meetings periodically.
I start to take Chinese classes 2 months ago. Nowadays my Chinese level is just elementary, maybe 20-30 words.
My impression about Taiwan people is very good, as in every country you can find people friendly, unfriendly, shy, intelligent, silly, helpful, etc. About Taiwanese girls I find a particular beauty in them, probably in all Asian girls. Right away I can’t differentiate who is Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, etc.
Continuing with Taiwanese people, I think they are very dedicated on their activities, e.g. work until late, study really hard.
Some curiosities that called my attention here: once I went to the beach and I didn’t see Taiwanese people in water, then I ask about it and I realized that they don’t like to do it. Also is difficult to find trash basket here but streets and places are always clean. Adam Smith “invisible hand” maybe. 再見
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