Definitely, Coming and be in Taiwan has been a completely adventure, since i was in International Airport of Nicaragua and during all trip that last 32 hours! That was just the beginning. When arrived to Toayuan Airport, I began seeing characters I got nervous and happy thinking that I will be able to study and in the future might read them and understand them. All tiredness disappears when I saw through the window the streets and building and the evidence development that Taiwan has reached.  I realize I was already in a culture completely different, my first place to visit was the Army Hospital, I suffered a fall and twisted my ankle, I felt so unfortunate, but when I was attended for the doctor and nurse and staff of ICDF I didn’t feel the distance from my hometown, in exactly that moment I knew I will never be alone in this country with this amazing people. When I went out to buy my first meal, was kind of difficult and embarrassed, of course, everybody that came to Taiwan, want to try traditional food, so I went to a restaurant that look like very reprehensive of the culture, but, when I got the Menu all was written in Chinese! So I didn’t have another option to leave and go to McDonald, where also was a difficult to order, due his English was not fluid enough or maybe mine. Now, when I go to any place, order chicken, pork or beef to me it’s amazing, just almost three months has passed and could say some words and most of all, when people can understand me it´s just awesome. I feel so proud of it.
Of course there is some things when people reply me, I only can say yes. Even I do not know what they are saying, but always there are people in the line able to translate what they are saying. One of my favorite adventures was from the first day staying already in NTU dormitory, but we had still some days of vacations, so my classmate and I decided to  get a map and enroll to the adventure to know some places in Taipei. Our first destination was Taipei Zoo, it was so exciting to watch all animals, take the MRT and enjoy the sight and people, It was unforgettable. Another adventure was when we decide to go to Fisherman Wharf, we went first to Tamsui there we enjoyed a delicious squid (the first time that I tried it) and must confess it was delicious. When we met a emthusiastic guy, that he was interested to practice English with us and he offered to guide us for all tourist places in Tamsui, he told us about history, culture with dates references, I was so surprised that this guy could know a lot of things and I was starting to worry that he could be a professional tourist person and then I would need to pay, I don’t know perhaps he saw my worry face and he told us do not worry this is for free! it was a relief.
And of course, never could forget the day when I visit the 101, and to make it more fun, I when by bike that imposing and architectural amazing building is one of my favorite things that I’ve seen in my life, this is iconic around the world, before I used always to watch it in the TV all 31st December, I at that moment I always wanted to be there someday I that day came and now I telling my story about it.. It’s so cool.
Another place that I really have to mention is Yunlig county, I went to a field trip to a Papaya Festival and also visit some farms, the sight of crops and sun, remind me why I am here and how lucky I am, the land and beauty of Taiwan Farms, watch people work hard and how efficient and productive they are. Just three month has passed I know I will know more places and more adventure to live, Island Formosa really has touched my heart in this few month, the beautiful places, the development, the culture, the food and of course the people has make a special adventure that will mark forever my life.
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