August 28, 2011 at 11:35 p.m. I host for the first time the soil of Taiwan! When I was retained by the ICDF scholarship program, one of my relatives told me: "ah, but you must love the adventure you!" Indeed, this person is right, I like adventure. I like discover, and I was excited to go and study in a country that I did not have much information, except that it is an island that has a beautiful landscape. And I thought that in this country, I would have much to discover about the people who live there, their culture and practices. Since my arrival, I realized that every day I spend here I learn something new on Taiwan. I will try to enumerate some of which I think is the most significant.
The first highlight was my first contact with Taiwanese. First our stay at NTNU was fantastic and my first impression about Taiwanese is that they are kind and friendly. After orientation, each should be taken to the host university and it was then that I started getting a little scared because I do not know what to expect in my host university. I began to wonder how would be my integration there. I was admitted in the dorm one day before the arrival of my roommate and I spent all the day waiting for her. What would be her reaction if she discovers that she will live with a black? Every time I hear footsteps in the hallway, my heart begins to beat because this time is really important to me. She arrived the next day and her first reaction was: "I ​​am so happy to stay with a foreigner!" and from that moment I knew that I don’t have to worry for my integration. She is one of my best friends I have here in Taiwan. The day after her arrival, she started to let me discover the patterns here, especially the restaurants!
One of my friends advised me: “Chinese people, they eat everything, so be careful of what you eat when you'll be there.” Especially do not eat something you do not know the composition. I promised to pay attention, but came here, my curiosity has taken over! To such a variety of foods, I wanted to taste everything, test everything, everything out! I confess that I am always so spirited discover the dishes are as diverse and as interesting.
In addition to our courses, some field trips are organized to allow us to see the realities. One of them was the visit of the papaya festival which was rich in lessons and in culture. It was my first time out of Taipei and I found that most people living outside Taipei are also nice but the fact is that some of them had never seen a black. I felt a little embarrassed when after our visit, we went to a restaurant and some are wondering if they can touch me or take my picture to go up to their children! But I also said that it's part of the adventure!
One of the things I enjoy here in Taiwan is the landscape, the environment. I discovered that the Taiwanese take good care of their environment, and everywhere I go I find clean, well maintained and especially green! I like the countryside. Everywhere I went, I always found beautiful places and I'm still discovering.
Finally, the latest discovery that I'd like to share is that Taiwanese, particularly old people, like to maintain their body by doing physical exercises. I like to wake up early and see old people doing physical exercises: a good example for me. So it is with joy that I started physical exercises every Saturday morning with my classmates and our program manager, a very nice man!
That is my little experience I have to share since I came here and I am still discovering new and interesting things every day I pass here.
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