August 29th of this year at midnight, the plane landed to Taipei International Airport. I was one of passengers, a student coming for studies in this country that I’m going to discover. After an half hour waiting because one of us did not find her bag, our embassy counselor who came to welcome us decided to accompany us to the ICDF’s represents waiting for us. During the target, I could just admire a few outside of the car because it was night and the flying made me seriously tired.
The day after morning has been the starting of Taiwan discovery for me. One of my country mates who had already stayed in Taiwan proposed me to just walk to the 7-Eleven. What’s that? I asked. No answer, just a smile. Outside, my first comment: A lot of Scooters on boulevard, driven very fast!  It was also the moment for me to solve those questions about Taiwanese peoples: Do they like foreigners? Do they really eat strange food like it seems? About my first concern, I discovered by myself that Taiwanese peoples are friendly and really welcoming toward foreigners. I am still glad when they ask me to know where do I came from, how do I find Taiwan. I saw my concern about my integration dissipate very quickly because in reality, despite the language barrier, I am still making a lot of friends. After one week, I really have no time to get bored because I have always something to do: play soccer or volley ball with new friends from different nationalities, discover the beautiful and rich landscape of the campus where I stay, taste the dishes of the country, etc.
The meal, talk about it! I realize that here in Taiwan, the meal, beyond what we know as matter, occupies a prominent place in the socio-cultural life. I could then understand, contrary to what I thought, frequent meals that were not a delicacy but also a factor of harmonious social life. It's the perfect time to meet friends, acquaintances or family and enjoy your stay. For my part, I am trying to discover another of different diets and I just like stinky ‘tofu’, roasted sweet chicken, a tea that is drunk fresh and often without sugar, but still no snakes or insects as I’m 'be expected. The first time with the sweet chicken and tea, I asked: ''What’s happen here? They use the sugar in the meal in which they should not have sugar (chicken), and where we should use (tea)...  I find the food in general sweet with a special taste that I like right now. Indeed, I cannot forget to mention something about the climate of Taiwan.I learned to always go out with my umbrella, to not be surprised by one of unpredictable rains.
After two months of stay in Taiwan, it is without any regret that I appreciate my life here. I believe that my stay in this beautiful island, as it’s implies (Formosa), will be part of my best memories. I think Taiwan is ‘’touching my heart...’’



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