The purpose of writing this article is to convey my perspective of my personal adventures in Taiwan, so first and foremost, let me begin by simply stating the approach I am employing, to better aid the reader in comprehending my point of view. I’m going to share an experience I had in Taiwan during a period of vacation stay here. Taiwan, in my view, is a country with many tourist attractions, and in turn, makes it a most prominent vacation destination. Moreover, this account in of my own personal experience upon indulging myself in such treasures as these.
During the vacation time of which I mentioned, I had visited the vacation destination in Taiwan known as Kenting, where my friends and I were afforded the opportunity to stay at The Chateau Beach Resort. When some friends came from other neighboring universities to visit us, we had the opportunity to have rooms in all 3 buildings. Contrary to reviews I read, they did not distinguish which level room you were in based on towel color or dinner voucher. All the rooms had positive and negative elements, but overall were nice. The bathrooms needed to be bleached to get rid of the mold growing in the grout, but that is an unknown idea in Taiwan. The pools were very nice. They did not keep children from using the adult pool, which did not bother us, but might bother you if you went without kids and were expecting a kid-free area. The beach is nice but as others have stated, the swimming area is small and they require life jackets. Some of this is because the coast is very rocky and they know their small area has been cleared and some of this is because the culture here is generally afraid of water and swimming. This is the price you pay for travel in Taiwan, but then again, everywhere has its good and bad qualities, not just here. The buffet was ok but not super. There were a lot of options, but most were Taiwanese, as is expected, with very limited Western offerings, which may be the point overall, as we are in Taiwan. Even so, it was definitely not the best buffet we have experienced in Taiwan. Here you are paying for being right on the beach and having beach views. Rooms are in similar size and condition as other hotels in the Kenting area that we have stayed at but the ocean front pools and ocean views from our room was worth the price for us. The staff was very helpful, including arranging our rental car for our arrival at Zouying HSR station, and everyone spoke enough English for us to do business within our native language. Overall, if you want the ocean-front experience in Taiwan, Chateau is a good resort. Not perfect, but well enough, and the experience in Kenting, was one I must say I will remember for days to come.

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