When I was informed I was coming to Taiwan, many questions came to my mind about the new place I was going to move and live. In my opinion, each of us will have different experiences and adventures according to the purpose of why sometimes we have to move from one place to another. But for this time, I will talk and share with you some of the great things that I have experienced so far after more than a year I have been living in the Formosa Island.
The adventure of my life in Taiwan started since the moment I was landing in this small but beautiful country. Once you arrive at the airport you start to realize that you are not anymore in the place you are use to be which is your home country. The smell of a new place, the transportation system, the style of the cities, towns, villages, the education system, the people, the language, and the culture. Also, the food, the taste of it, and the way it is made here.
As I said at the begging that everybody will have different experiences or adventures to explore or enjoy here. After being a week in Taipei, then I moved to the place I was assigned to live and to study because that is what brought me to Taiwan. 
Being a student has been such a wonderful adventure to me in this country. This is a magnificent opportunity for me to meet and get to know new and different people from many countries, different cultures, and so on. Since you start being familiar in the new environment that surrounds you, then you start to know your classmates, to make new friends, to meet the professors, and start a new life when in the new place that will be your home for several years.
On the other hand, Taiwan has so many things to explore and enjoy besides the daily things you could do here. I started my adventure as a foreigner student surrounded of new things. It is a great experience for me because it is like to born again or starting things from the beginning. Studying here has become my most important adventure because it is challenging me to be able get all the necessary knowledge that will help me to succeed in the near future. 
However, as part of my studies here, I have had the great chance to visit and discover new places and new things in some of the school field trips I have had so far in more than one year that I have been here. For example, I have had the opportunity to go to see and learn ways of farming, and ways of growing crops in some of the farms of some Taiwanese people. Also, I have had the great chance to visit   some of the agriculture companies Taiwan has.
Also, I have also been in some of the international agriculture shows that Taiwan organizes. I have been in the Kaohsiung Seed Congress which was held in Kaohsiung last year. 
Moreover, I also went to the Taipei   International Flora, and to the Taiwan International Orchids Show, etc
In addition, in my free times I have had the chance to visit some other cities and some places; for example last winter break, I went to visit Tainan with some of my classmates, and with some Taiwanese friends. I also have visited kenting, Kaohsiung, and some aborigine’s villages that are located near my university campus. I also have to mention that I have visited the Taroko National Park and the Taijiang National park.
One more thing I like to visit is the night markets. It has also been part of my great adventures I have enjoyed here because I have eaten new things that I have never eat back home. This was something really new and cool to me to find this night markets where I can get almost anything I want. I like the large amount of choices of food you find there when you want to eat something at those places.   
My life has been so grateful here but I think that the most amazing adventure that life has giving me at any where I am is making new friends and meeting a lot of people from different places of the world. I am a very sociable and friendly person, so talking to people is not a problem for me and I think that is why I know and I have so many friends in the university I study but also outside of it. I am always willing to meet new people and get to know them; to know their thinking and the way they do things, to know their culture, and their costumes because I know that it helps me a lot to improve and also to have a wide view of the world.    



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