The first time to travel far away from my family to another continent of the world, having little knowledge about the destination. My life full of joy and melancholy, moving from one airport to another in different countries, where to my amazement in some countries from one airplane to another in far distance the sky is not visible. Finally I landed on an island called Taiwan nicknamed "illa Formosa" (beautiful island) .The Island with different culture, food and traffic compared to my country.
Culture is things of diversity .As the sun rise many elderly people are seen doing general body exercise or walking around for longtime, it is really amazing but it give an understanding why the people are healthy, strong and hardworking. There is a particular thing that is very hard for me to understand, why the people never speak loud? Why do they have the nature of feeling shy? Is it rooted in them by tradition or a norm in the society? And also to my observation, it is really hard for me to distinguish between who is a female and a male. Their hairstyle, dress codes really deceive my sight to differentiate their gender. I never think of being a celebrity in my life but I became one in Taiwan, my skin color gains me the opportunity. It is a surprise to see people looking at you, discussing about your presence and wanting to talk to you with a frequent question where did you come from? And even want to take pictures like a tourist. The environment can be incredibly enjoyable or incredibly annoying depending on your personality. Sometimes it is a fun for me. To my surprise around 6:00pm I was invited to go to night market, it is really interesting, it shows the impression of security safety and friendly nature of the people. The night markets are similar to local markets in my country that operate during the day. Various kinds of stalls, canteens, stands can be seen with different commodities and goods. The environment is really conducive for shopping, eating and hanging out with friends. The place is full of activities, I take it as a festival not a market, and it is full of fun.
Food as a basic necessity of life is not problems in Taiwan unless you cannot find your best choices. Food stores and stands are available at every corner of the streets. My first experience to taste the food, upon arrival I was given rice seal in a package. An interesting experience, cool coffee with no sugar. Food season with sugar, I have a chicken that I gave up. I do ask myself the question why putting sugar where it is not necessary .Which I realize is a different in the culture of food preparation. The other thing is eating with chopstick. Before I came to Taiwan, I saw chopstick on films. It really amazing seeing myself using chopstick with a lot of struggle. But am trying hard to learn how to use it.
The traffic of Taiwan scares me a lot, many cars; scooters cannot be differentiated on the road. There is always lot of noise from automobiles on the busy roads. It is really convenient to travel all around Taiwan with little or no problem. The transport facility is really effective. I love the trains. The traffic light at very hundred meters look boring but still genuine and interesting, it control traffic and the most interesting scene is when the green turn on. The lovely nature and view of Taiwan is also amazing, beautiful lakes, mountains, flora and fauna behind my school and beyond is spectacular.
 Finally, I have a great adventure in Taiwan. I met with a lot of foreigners from different part of the world. We share one another’s experiences, cultures and languages. Thanks to the Taiwan ICDF and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) for giving me this great opportunity to experience and learned a lot about Taiwan in non-fiction. Trying hard to enjoy my stay in Taiwan and achieve my goals.



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