Currently I am studying a Master's degree in agricultural economics from National Taiwan University (NTU), better known as "Taida" (台大). Study in Taiwan has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life so far. Not only the fact of acquiring new skills in my field that complement both my professional experience as an agricultural economist, but also a rewarding and exceptional opportunity to experience an ancient culture and different like Taiwan, sharing knowledge and life experiences with people from around the world and broaden my intellectual and personal growth.

The National Taiwan University (NTU) is the most prestigious university in Taiwan. NTU was founded in 1928 by the Japanese during the Japanese colonial era which was better known as Taihoku Imperial University. The main campus is located in Taipei's Da'an District and has an area of 1,086,167 m2. In addition, the university has 6 other campuses in Taipei and elsewhere, with a total area of 345,830,000 m2, which together represents a little more than 1% of the territory of the country!

Access to global knowledge through access to the latest scientific publications, journals, research papers, attending conferences in different areas of the economy and agriculture with world renowned researchers to study this program makes it an exciting experience and an opportunity Learning infinitely rewarding and definitely unique in having the necessary resources available to apprehend, innovate and produce knowledge to understand the economic dynamics of agriculture in the world, especially Taiwan and in that sense to get the necessary tools to help find solutions development of agriculture in my country El Salvador and the world.

The Department of Agricultural Economics, NTU, with over 80 years of history has helped to build success and Taiwan's agricultural modernization and integration into international markets, providing teaching and research with world-class standards in the field of development agriculture. Many of the department’s graduates have distinguished public service records for having played a major role in shaping agricultural policies of the country. Among its prominent students is the former ROC President Lee, Teng-Hui, who earned bachelor's degree in historical agricultural science.

The international master's program faculty of Agricultural Economics, NTU, has a staff of top-notch faculty, set up by teachers, researchers in different areas of the economy and agriculture and their main goal to provide students with superior training in the field of agricultural economics and prepare them for advanced studies and science applied to their professional fields. In addition, teachers promote an atmosphere of personalized teaching and close contact with the student where the teacher is not someone distant, but on the contrary to promote an academic environment of respect, friendship, closeness, and in an environment conducive to learning and working group.

Moreover, the ICDF program along with the agricultural economics department organizes various extracurricular activities such as trips and excursions to other cities in the south providing knowledge about Taiwanese agriculture and history, attendance at cultural festivals and singing competitions karaoke with local students, resulting in a fun and stimulating environment where the student never feels isolated, but in family with other teachers and colleagues in the department.

Learning the language is a tremendous challenge that requires a lot of willpower, but allows a deeper knowledge of the ancient culture and better understands the economic success of Taiwan, which mainly lies in its people.


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