If choosing the right university for students is difficult, now imagine how difficult it is the next step of applying for a specific department and/or faculty. That is probably one of the most anxious and stressful moments of our lives. So many emotions, feelings, questions, and insecurities passing through our minds stealing and taking away from us hours of sleep, our focus, and so much energy. I know this because I have been through that moment already. After hours, days, and months of thinking I decided to apply to National Chengchi University to pursue my bachelor degree in Business Administration.

I still remember the first day I arrived at NCCU, I remember seeing all those coffee/tea shops, restaurants, bakeries, traditional food stands… which by the way, we still have. It was so crowded, so many students and professors were crossing the streets, talking, eating or just chilling out. I can still remember it as if it was yesterday. Even if NCCU was founded in 1927, not everything that surrounds it is equally old. There is a 3-floors MacDonald’s and Starbucks Coffee, Subway, Hi-Life, Watsons, and of course many 7-11convenience stores. It was definitely a very good first impression. I remember being really excited about the area but at the same time, being extremely anxious and nervous about seeing my Department and all the Faculty members.

After some meetings and welcome parties for all the new incoming students, I realized that I did not make a mistake when I chose to study Business Administration in the College of Commerce at NCCU. My Department is great and I am enjoying every single second of being a part of it. If you ask me to tell some positive things about BA Department, I will probably have a hard time picking as they are so many. I consider that one of the most appealing parts of my academic curriculum is that I have access to so many different activities; such as competitions, company visits, lectures, and opportunities to go abroad as part of some business projects. It is a good environment for students to set their own personal goals, to be ambitious and see how far they can go using their knowledge. BA Department is an effective platform to continuously challenge yourself and reinvent who you are.

Another positive aspect of being a student in my Department is that I get to know so many incredible people, classmates, professors, and lifetime friends. You will also meet your Department coordinators who will become your second family and will help you with everything you need. In my case, my new family is called Carol Chi and Cindy Wang; and all of my personal accomplishments would not be possible without them. NCCU has such a multicultural and diverse environment. It has a large number of exchange students and international full-time students and the statistics are growing each year. Internationalization can be seen in every single corner of the university. While walking down the halls it is very common to hear students speaking different languages. In the BA Department you can also meet a lot of local friends and if you do not speak Mandarin Chinese at all, that will not be a problem because their level of English is really good. Therefore, language barriers are always overcome.   

Last but not least I would like to talk about my academic curriculum that I feel really satisfied with. My required courses provide me all the necessary knowledge about Business Administration and they gradually develop through the four academic years of the bachelor program. As a freshman you will start with some general courses such as Economics, Accounting, Calculus, Organizational Behavior, etc. and in later years your courses will be more focused on specific areas within the Business cycle, such as Business Policy, Statistics, Marketing, Management Science, Operations Management, Finance, Mathematics with Business Applications, etc. It is a very complete program. Besides the required courses, you must also take elective ones and there is a lot of variety you can choose from. Another good aspect is that most of the courses are offered in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Professors at NCCU are also very well trained, all of them have earned their PhDs, and most of them have had a lot of studying abroad experiences. They also attend many international conferences each year in order to keep updated. That is why BA Department of NCCU is very well-known and respected. As a result of that, NCCU’s College of Commerce has dual accreditation by AACSB and EQUIS. The Business Department of NCCU is already waiting for you. If you are interested in studying Business in Taiwan, stop hesitating and go for the best option you have here: National Chenghi University.


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