I have studied Chinese language since I became a student in Yuan Ze University. When I started to study Chinese it was very difficult for me, because there are 5 intonations in Chinese language and my mother language doesn't have the same ones. So at first, I spoke without any intonation, like the Mongolian language, which either made me a big fan for Chinese people or they didn't understand me at all.

Now I have gained some experience for studying Chinese. I have had a good opportunity to learn Chinese, which is very helpful for me. I can practice Chinese anytime if I can communicate with the people here. I am lucky and happy because I am the first student of Yuan Ze University from Mongolia. I am really proud of it.

Mongolian people prefer to study its neighbor's languages, like Russian and Chinese. Also, now Mongolia is at the stage of market economy development. A lot of Chinese, Korean and Russian businessmen come to Mongolia to do small and middle size business. So a lot of Mongolian youth study Chinese in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of China. If I could study Chinese well I will have a good opportunity to get a job in Mongolia, especially in the business sector.

I really appreciate professors and doctors of our university for teaching the Chinese language to foreign students. I like to study Chinese language and I will try to do my best to study in the perfect way. My everyday communication with teachers and students in Chinese is very helpful for the improvement of my Chinese.