I could still remember the first day I arrived to the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology on the 01st September 2011. When I first stepped into this university my jaw nearly dropped, this university is really big, it occupies over 10,000 square meters, and in fact this university is the largest in Taiwan. NPUST has 24 departments and 27 graduate institutes offering Master's degrees and five Doctoral programs. These departments and graduate institutes are distributed among four colleges: agriculture, engineering, management, and humanities and social sciences. NPUST's undergraduate school currently offers bachelor’s degrees to graduates of a four-year program and a two-year program. The four-year program admits students graduating from vocational high schools or their equivalents, while the two-year program admits students graduating from vocational institutes and their equivalents. NPUST has also established a night school to admit students with at least one year's work experience.

The first name given to this university was "Kaohsiung State Pingtung Extension School of Agriculture”, in 1992 when it was founded. In Japanese Showa Year 3 (1928), the school was extended and renamed as Kaohsiung District Pingtung Agricultural School. After the re-establishment of Taiwan, the school was renewed as Taiwan Provincial Institute of Agriculture in 1954, and then renamed once more as National Pingtung Institute of Agriculture in 1964.

The school is located on a hillside in northeastern Neipu Township in Pingtung, occupies 285 hectares adjacent to Da-Wu Mountain and Dong-Gang Creek with the largest and most beautiful campus in the nation. This university is so large compared to others in Taiwan that scooters are sometimes needed to get to class as quickly as possible because some buildings may be situated very far in this university grounds, scooters are not only useful to get to classes on time but also to go outside the main gate to have a snack as you will get bored of the foods served in the university’s cafeteria. This university has two cafeterias; the first cafeteria is located near the Girl’s Dorm and the second restaurant is located near the Boy’s Dorm.

The university also has an animal shelter where you could find many different animals such as; monkeys, ostriches, Taiwan black bears, Malay bears, leopard cat etc. This shelter was also known to be sheltering a liger (a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress) but unfortunately it was said that the cross breed died. Just a few meters away is the dog training center where you could find many dogs which are being trained to perform specific tasks to help benefit the people of Taiwan.

In this campus there is also a lake, there are many fauna and flora that could be seen in this area, it’s like the perfect place to sit and relax and enjoy the calming breeze of Taiwan. Some fauna which could be found there are: turtles, ducks, butterflies and even snakes. There are also some of the biggest fishes that I have ever seen in this lake but individuals are not allowed to fish but fish can’t only be found there, this campus has many artificial ponds all over, where you could find some of the most beautiful fish that you could ever see.

There are many reasons why I like this campus one of the reasons is that it makes you feel one in nature, because there are many trees and plants that could be seen, and there are places under these trees where you could sit down, relax and read a book, enjoying the cool ambience of NPUST. At nights it’s like the campus is coming to life, there are many clubs you could join for example; dance clubs, guitar clubs, Chinese violin, and the least goes on.  Everywhere you go there will be some Taiwanese that could be seen doing the weirdest things, for example one night I took a walk near the life sciences department and I saw a group of Taiwanese holding hands and formed a circle and began shouting and kicking one foot in the circle and one foot out. It felt rather uncomfortable to watch but also, made me want to join in on the fun.


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