Getting a closer approach to my program would be an adventure to involve you into the country side of Taiwan. Even thought NPUST, my wonderful university, is in the country side of Taiwan; the advance, potential and resources available on this campus are countless.

NPUST campus is the largest in Taiwan and all south-east Asia. There are swimming pools, a soccer field, tennis courts, more than 20 basketball and volleyball courts, billiards, table tennis, a full equipped gym, an Olympic track, and many other sport’s facilities. Concerning about the life on campus, it is quite comfortable once you have a scooter or bicycle at least. This is a huge place apart from the city and moving around may take longer than in other parts of Taiwan.

Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation (DTAIC) is the department where Bachelor, Master and Ph. D. programs in tropical agriculture are offered. I am currently a second year bachelor student. The bachelor is mainly focus on a general and global perspective of agriculture, with a specialization in either animal or plant production.

Throughout the four years of study in DTAIC, students have to take diverse courses related to Agriculture. Experimental Laboratory classes are included in every semester. Laboratories are in good conditions, fundamental knowledge of Chemistry is learned in the Labs, as well as more specific areas of plant or animal sciences. Practical outdoor courses are also learned. You will experience what is to work on a scientific farm. Taking care of high productivity animals as an animal scientist or growing up plants as a plant scientist.

Being a student in DTAIC, NPUST is definitely an opportunity to catch up with the latest scientific advances in Agriculture. At the moment DTAIC is under process of development and soon the department will form part of the College of International Studies in NPUST. The idea is outstanding; however this development has given place to mistreatment coming from staff of DTAIC toward ICDF students. ICDF managers on campus are wonderful and they try their best to help ICDF students in many ways. As an ICDF student I hope that after the development process of DTAIC, everything could be for our own good.


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