Hello, my name is Luis Valenzuela, I’m 22 years old, I’m from El Salvador and I’m studying my undergrad program at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation, specialized in Animal Production.

Well I don’t know if you have clear what do you want to study yet, but just in case here I have a wonderful suggestion for you, if you are into the agricultural sciences, NPUST is the best choice you can have here in Taiwan, not only because its facilities (is the biggest university in Taiwan), but also for all the qualify staff (professors, administrative staff, students) that is willing to help you and make you feel comfortable along your stay here.

Currently I’m in my second year of my program and I feel so excited about everything what I’m learning, I’m taking courses like Animal Nutrition, Feed Management and Technology (theory and practice) and I had taken others like Zoology (theory and practice), Introduction to Animal Science, Animal Anatomy and Physiology (theory and practice), Natural and Life Sciences (Agriculture Animal and Plant Protection), Introduction to World aquaculture, Livestock Environmental Physiology and last but one of the most fascinating experiences  is the internship at the university farm and in what I’m doing right now.

The Farm has all kind of animals you can imagine in regular farm and some differences such as dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chicken (broiler, layer, and breeder), pigeons, deer, ostrich, dogs and cats shelter and a feed factory, and maybe I forgot a couple more that if you decide to join you will get to know soon. In this moment I’m in charge of one house where I have experimental animals there are: breeding ducks, male sheep and goats, one retired horse and mare and several ostriches.

As I was saying the farm is an amazing experience in my internship of three months I have learned a lot, firstly you have to choose two animals to focus on, so I chose chicken breeding and goats and sheep, actually goats and sheep count as one because they belong to similar species, well during this time I already learned some extra skills, like artificial insemination in chickens, ducks, sheep and goats, as well life cycles, feed management, animal behavior and waste management. Animal farming is really a complex activity and if you want to learn you have to spend the         time and make some sacrifices, that during the process you realize it will worth.

Now if what you like is plants and not animals you can specialize in plant production where there are a huge diversity of topic and interest subjects from where you learn, and enjoy the pleasures of growing flowers (orchids), crops, study plant propagations, etc. Plant production is not my specialty. However we have some common subject and as I enjoy animal production, I can see my classmates enjoying their plant production activities. I can tell you is not easy but you know what it hasn’t been easy for you is from what you will remember the most later.

Studying abroad is a great experience and more if you do it at the right place and choosing what you like, and if you do it in countries like Taiwan your title will even worth double because you have the plus of Chinese as a basic skill language that you have to learn throughout your career.


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