Last year, august 25, 2011 I was boarding for Taiwan.  The country where I will have to study and live for 2 years of my life.  The first time ever I will be leaving my country Haiti for so long. I was as anxious as much as I was excited to go and see with my own eyes all these things I have only been able to see on TV so far.

I am Fabienne GAY, a second year master degree student in Human Resource Development (2011-2013) in National Taiwan Normal University and I am willing to share my health care experience with you.  I remember that day specially when I had to go all alone to the Taipower Clinic for a checkup because I was not feeling well.  A good thing is that people kind of understand and speak little English, but often you have to really seem not being able to express yourself in any other way for them to use the little English they know.  So, As I was heading to the counter to register in order to see the doctor, I spent around 5-7 min., trying to make myself understood by the nurse, I even used the little Chinese I’ve learnt so far and could get away with it.  After about 20 min., I was in the doctor’s office, she asked me if I could speak Spanish because she studied in the Dominican Republic for 4 years but it was too bad because my Spanish is very limited.  So we had to speak English and I must admit that her speaking was quite interesting and easy to understand.  I must say  also that it was the first time I entered a doctor’s office and saw an assisting nurse sharing almost the same desk.  Back home, we have a person outside taking care of the paper work and when you go inside to meet the doctor you are all alone with your doctor.  It took me a few minutes to get used to it and be more comfortable.


What impressed me is how everything is centralized and the speed of processing once the doctor enters the data.  I had urine routine and before 20mn the doctor called me in again, checked my vital signs and other stuff then, after a little chat she sent me to the pharmacy inside the clinic in the general waiting area.  When I arrived, I just handed a paper given to me by the doctor that the pharmacist scanned and, guess what? My prescription was already packed and waiting for me before I even got there. This was unusual and surprising to me because I am used to handing prescriptions and wait in order for the pharmacist to check, pack and hand the medication to me; this usually takes from 5 to 7min. 

After I got the prescription I was shocked by the number of pills and especially the size of one of these I had to take (haha!).  I was used to seeing my classmates being prescribed such number of pills and be surprised but I never thought I would ever have to also  ingest them myself one day.  So it was 2 sets of pills 4 times a day for 7 days so imagine the number of pills!  I have had other visits and it is amazing how the service is provided and how things go smooth and quick.  Inside the clinic is very organized the personnel kind and very professional.

The health insurance we get after 4 months living in Taiwan is very helpful as we almost do not pay anything when going the doctor and it is very convenient.  One of the aspects of Taiwan I am going to miss a lot I guess is how everything is organized, smoothly processed and not expensive.  Now I have taken all my pills I feel good, very good! It was tiring to take pills 4 times a day but you know what? It was worth it!  I would not like to have to go to see a doctor again but if in the future it is necessary, well… I would not really mind because I know it would be another nice experience here in Taiwan.

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