A good health condition is the primary goal for any individual to be successful. Health is a word with a significant meaning that can mean a lot for some, but time constraining for others, especially if you’re a student. Health is the level of functional or metabolic efficiency of a living being. In humans, it is the general condition of a person's mind, body and spirit, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury or pain. The practice of health in Taiwan is one of the utmost brilliant experiences I have had. Early in the morning to the twilight hours of the night there is always a momentum present to heal the body, mind and spirit.

Early in the morning you can see either a young man our old age individual practicing there Ubuntu, Karate, Kun fu our Chinese marital arts. The most funny of them all is that I live at NTU dorm and usually seeing Taiwanese student doing there funny morning exercise dance is a must. On the other hand, there are marital arts classes for free or at a minimal rate.  Another obvious health conscious practice is that each dorm has its own gym.  So an excuse for not being healthy is lame.  Students and the public usually attend their basement gyms or bigger multipurpose sport complexes to swim, dance, or play a sport of their choice. Upon my visit to the National Taiwan University Hospital, I notice that many people were processing the yearly checkup, inclusive of blood pressure, glucose level, weight etc. which clearly indicates that they enjoy being healthy. The national health insurance system in Taiwan and the numerous health providing institutions are defiantly working hand in hand, in the pursuit of best health practices.  Ohh! The choices of food are great (buffet style 365 days). The food choices usually consist of a balance diet of vegies, fruits, staples, meat and bread. The above are just a few physical health practices seen by myself. This has made me more health conscious, to live a longer life.

The mind can be relaxed and healthy in many ways.   At my university there are approximately 150 plus clubs to choose from. So joining one our two is a must. There is dancing club, mediation club, socialization club; art club, NTU MUN club etc. just think of it, and we have it. These are usually open to student to ease their mental and psychological stress. The public facilities to ease the mind include NTU main library which is open to student and the general population. Thinking of reading a book, watching TV our listening to music then National Taiwan Library is the place. The library consists of approximately 2,400,000 volumes (including books, bound periodicals, bound newspapers and various sorts of audiovisual materials); 24,000 periodicals; and 98 newspapers. It is the largest library collection in Taiwan.

My favorite one is uplifting the health of our souls, thanksgiving and knowing that someone like the Lord care for us is wonderful.  There are many churches and religious denominations around Taiwan. Attending church on Sunday or attending bible school heals the souls and makes our relations with GOD marvelous. It does not matter to which religious belief you belong to the fact of praising the LORD heals the spirit. The important ideology is to heal our spirit through dedication of time and assignment of prayers to the utmost. A Taiwanese’s culture is to burn paper money which is of great value and significance. Others go to church, attend bible school our simple pray. I am impressed with their method and characteristic of cleaning the soul to be healthy.

I must make mention that it’s never too late to apply these practices. As human with high intellect we can achieve these goals by only learning from our counterparts the Taiwanese people.  Simple ideas such as joining a club, praying or eating healthy can make us achieve our goals. Healing the body, mind and spirit is the way to go. Try it and you’ll see the outcome.

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