Well first of all my name is Andrea from El Salvador  I’m studying at NPUST and my experience with my health insurance is pretty nice actually I went to the hospital that’s is very nearby  to see the doctor twice and the service is excellent, the first time I went even though the nurses couldn’t speak any English they tried to find a person who could help me , when they found someone he kindly start to asked me what could he do for me and he took me to the doctor and he walked me and explained my situation to the doctor he was very helpful and very kind , actually while I was waiting my turn he start to talk to me and ask me where I was from , he was very curious about me , and I really appreciate that first experience and I can complain at all because they make me even a X ray as soon as possible , to tried to find out what was wrong with me and they doctor gave me medicine that I got very quickly I was impressed how convenient everything was and I thought that because it was a private hospital it would cost me a lot of money but actually it was cheap thank to my insurance card and it was a complete treatment .

The second time that I went to see the doctor was at Chinese traditional medicine it was very amazing experience they made me acupuncture it was a new experience and I thought that it will hurt or something because they stuck a lot of needles on my ankle and my hand and foot but actually it didn’t hurt at all ,and after that they make a very nice massage and they gave me a lot of herb medicine and they gave me advice on how to do relax my body muscles,  it was a whole new experience and actually the treatment was very effective that time I was under a lot of stress because I was almost on finals and the doctor only touching my hand knew all my symptoms and the price was very convenient.

The last time I went to the doctor was the skin doctor and actually comparing the prices back home it was a big difference and the attention was big quality and his clinic is located at a very convenient point at Pingtung city everyone can find it , and I can see that the personnel of any clinic or hospital they are always willing to help you at any time in any moment and the insurance card give you a lot of benefits on pharmacies, private hospitals, local hospitals, Chinese traditional medicine, private clinics .

Im very glad with Taiwan and my scholarship for giving me the opportunity of having such a great insurance I never imagine that I could have such a great time plus such a great relief that in case anything goes wrong I can check myself and have such a good service.

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