I have been in Taiwan for more or less one year. Even though during this time i have not had a serious sickness or other related state, I have discovered that Taiwanese health feedback of people is well design. It provides health support to Taiwanese citizens and despite their nationalities to foreigners. The only requirement is to have National Health Insurance (NHI), which is need to be applied when foreigners are residents in Taiwan.

I as ICDF scholarship holder and foreigner student in Taiwan I am resident here, hence I  had to apply for the National Health Insurance  just after getting our Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). This insurance will help International students in case of any kind of emergency, health care or medical need.

While you start classes in Taiwan’s Universities it is needed to have a health check which is usually done within the Universities’ facilities.  This procedure must be done to guarantee our health and others. In case you need to have a vaccine they will notify you which one it is, then you could go to the closest health center to have your dose.

If I have an emergency or need some help inside the school, I could go to the Sanitation and Health Care Center (physical health) or Student Counseling Center (mental health) which will do their best to help me. Talking about some experience; I was assisted by a nurse in the Sanitation and Health Care center when I had a little accident with my bicycle. She cleaned my leg and gave me some medicine to help healing.

I had joined the soccer team for some time, as other sports you could get hurt. Some of my team-mates had some serious injuries, indeed they need to go to the hospital. Others had some muscular pain due to the high exercise activity which was treated with a relaxing massage in the affected area in a physiotherapist clinic. The good point of having some minor medical issues while you are joining a school team is that they provided Insurance so we didn’t spent money at all.

Since I was in Taiwan why not to try Chinese medicine to cure injuries, I had a crass and I hunted my back and my neck. Some Taiwanese friends recommend me try Traditional Chinese Medicine in a clinic not very far from school. I was not sure about taking it but finally I did it. All was very painful, took some time and money too, now my back is fine and I am ok! I think, it was not only a health experience but also a cultural exchange with the people I met who were glad to share their cultural heritage by doing Traditional Chinese Medicine. The funny thing is that the Doctors name pronunciation was the same of saying “be careful” in Chinese 小心.

Talking about taking health care and attend health emergencies in Taiwan, I thing that ICDF office personnel working in the University, The Universities infrastructure and organization,  The National Insurance System, and of course friends are so nice; I think I don’t have anything to complaint in fact I am really grateful with all of them thank you 謝謝你們的關心.

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