Hi reader, herein Taiwan there is an advanced health care service for both citizens and foreigners. However, the acquisition of health insurance card is quite bureaucratic and therefore requires some amount of patience and indeed will cost you money. In the process of acquiring the health insurance card, I have experienced nurses asking whether they could touch my hair. Note this is not a racist remark but rather this is their first experience perhaps to interact with a black patient. If this happen to you in the process, don’t feel bad it is just a question and besides some of them are amazed by our hair style especially with my curly hair.

On health care experience, I have recently gone through a successful plastic surgery at one of the best hospitals (Kaohsiung Memorial) in southern Taiwan. This hospital has a high class services for both local and international patients seeking medical solution. The doctors are highly experienced in their special areas and the nurses are always available 24hrs at your services. The prescription is computer programmed which ensures a limited or no error on drug dosage. Another pretty part is the quipped facilities such as the accommodation, the hospital is not stacked with patients and this makes it possible for you to get the best attention you deserve as a patient. Again the doctors are very fluent in English but I must warn you that not all the nurses you see around you are good speaker of English, so be ready to speak slowly for them to capture and understand what you wish to communicate. For some of them your stay in the hospital is a moment for them to practice English which is why they always try to communicate to you in English. Early in the morning expect to hear a greeting that goes like this: ‘did you sleep well’? In my experience, another thing you should know is how to make an appointment to see a doctor. I have always sit on my computer search the hospital link and try to call the information center. All this efforts yield no to me but rather cost me money. This because the information desk staff have difficulty understanding what you want or you are dialing a call center that speaks Chinese and referring you to an extension dial. For your convenience, never call the information center seeking admission or making inquiry from your phone or computer. My advice to you is always walk or run to the hospital and makes you admission or inquiry. This is the best way to communicate what you want and besides you have the opportunity to meet the people there and interact. This interaction is good for you because it gives you a clue of what kind of nurses and doctors will be handling your medical condition. My encounter was a very good one, I have made many friends and above all I found a local parent in the hospital during the process of admission. My local parent (Mother) takes care of all the paper work I need from desk to desk and this made me so privileged. I am sure you can get one if you humble yourself and interact.

On billing for your medication, you are safe if you are covered by a health insurance company. The services offered by Taiwan health care are exceptionally good but however it is expensive if you are not covered by any health insurance. Therefore, I strongly recommend you find one as soon as time allows you because there is a heavy traffic here and besides you never know when an accident is going to befall you.

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