Health is not the mere absent of disease or sickness in an individual. The mind and body should be free from any disturbances; in that case, there is no individual that is 100 percent healthy. Health is an important issue in life, without it, processes and life activities are at a standstill. In Taiwan the health care facilities are very good, decentralized and provide great services. The ways services are offered or procedures in the hospital show sense of responsibility and commitment. For example, the manner in which patients are queue to see particular doctors are amazing. In this discussion of my health experiences in Taiwan, I will highlight some categories, which I feel interesting on my part, namely the expensive nature of the services, language barrier or bad patient doctor interaction, high dependence on computer, the hierarchy of their staff, and the periodic health examination ones undergo, which I deem necessary and important.

          The health care services of Taiwan are expensive especially without the health insurance card. My first visit to the hospital gives me knowledge of this. I was without an insurance card and have to pay an amount that exceeds one thousand NT dollars, this was surprising to me. The issue of an insurance card is very important; it gives patients the ability to get good treatment with cheaper prices.

It is sometimes very difficult to explain yourself to the doctors because of barrier in communication. This will not give the doctor the full knowledge of your problem for easy diagnosed or may lead to wrong diagnosis and prescription, this may lead health misconduct. Even for instances where some doctors can speak English, still there is minimal understanding between partners. Base on my own opinion I thought there is different ways in which we perceived things. For example I have headache, what I perceive is am ill but the doctor will tell me first are you stress, is annoying sometimes. You may be going to the hospital for the same health problems every now and then but still no sign of cure or improvement. My opinion goes whether they scares to research our problems or reluctant to do so.

         The doctors’ high dependency on computer information is not a solution to every problem, sometimes is necessary for one to put your biological self into situations to analyze them, but not to refer every problem to a machine. A doctor should have that human to human analysis. But if I come with a problem, history brings the same drugs even if d situations are different.

The way the staffs are coordinated is amazing each and every one knowing your duties and limits. Patients care is very excellent. The doctors do normally advice us on our health care and how to maintain it. I personally normally visit the gynecologist, because I do have severe menstrual cramp, which after taking some medications has ease a little bit.

Before and upon arrival in Taiwan one undergoes different health checkups, which sometimes it is tiring and time consuming but relevant to personal well being and development. My school also does similar processes every year. This gives a person a greater understanding of their health conditions. As the saying goes a healthy person is a wealthy person and no country can develop without her citizen being healthy. My experience towards this topic is limited because I don’t have much in contact with the situation.

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