In my opinion health care in Taiwan is quality health care. However, the Language barrier is the biggest problem I think foreigners face in Taiwan in term of it . If I were to advise any new comer, I would encourage them to find a doctor who speaks English. Lucky enough, at the Hospital near NPUST, I have been fortunate to find 2 doctors who speak English. In private offices nearby, there are also Dentists and Dermatologists who do speak English. If is not possible, try finding a Taiwanese friend who speaks well or even somewhat good English who can translate for you.  

    In terms of minor accidents, whether it be, bruises or cuts, the health centre is more than ready to assist. I have had many encounters with the nurses who work at my school’s health centre due to a number of clumsy accidents. They are very friendly and even if their English is not one hundred percent they are more than happy to try to help. Also the services are very convenient. One example of this convenience is operating hours. The Centre is open from 8 am until 9:30 pm Monday to Friday. Since they are closed on weekends, the patients are given extra medical supplies e.g. bandages, antibacterial ointment, iodine, gauze , cotton bud swabs, even singly tube saline water to self clean their wounds. 

    At the hospitals they try their best to assist. In my frequent visits to Guo Ren Hospital, I have always been assisted  with little English ( I try using my futile Chinese to help as well but of course that renders the situation even more useless because they barely understand since sometimes I get the tones mixed up).  The good thing is, the hospital has a set routine on how things work, so after a couple visits it is easy to get into the loop of things.

     One really strange thing which has puzzled me is Panadol. Every time I go to the doctor, no matter the ailment I’m always prescribed Panadol. I found this really weird and I usually think to myself, is this thing free? Is that why they keep giving it to me?

    Another puzzling thing to me is that, when you visit the emergency room, they never test you. You are simply questioned and they decide based on your response. I remember one visit to two different hospitals for the same problem. Neither did any tests, they simply gave me an injection ( whose purpose was to make me throw up ) and pills to drink but no tests were administered to find out what really was the problem. I had to go to the doctor myself during regular hours and demand to be given a complete examination otherwise I would have never known it was food poisoning.

     Aside from the Emergency room and Panadol query, I do not have other complaints about the healthcare here. Everything is within reach and you get results relatively quickly from bodily exams and really inexpensive. Compared to other countries health care here is relatively cheap. The Purpose for this is perhaps since they make all the medical testing equipment and medication and other necessities it makes healthcare a lot more affordable for the people of Taiwan and documented foreigners. 

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