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27. Taiwanese food: Pros and Cons

 The purpose of writing this article is to convey my perspective of Taiwanese food, in terms of its pros and cons, so first and foremost, let me begin by simply stating the obvious, as I see fit. Truthfully speaking, there is no actual way, in my opinion of course, to determine the pros and cons of any cultural dish, per say, as the issue is extremely relative, and is a matter of perspective; in the sense that, opinions, regarding the pros and cons of any such dish, is somewhat volatile, and may vary indiscriminately, with respect to the individuals involved, within, as well as those apart from that particular culture. However, having said that, I must, as is momentarily required of me, undertake the task, to the best of my ability. In doing so, I must make a few things clear to the reader; as a foreigner here, I possess no in-depth knowledge of the Taiwanese food culture, and hence, must rely on my few experiences and encounters, however restricted to my own personal preferences they may be, as well as informative aid from some additional research, to better facilitate my opinions, in an effort to attain an accurately depicted perspective of the matter, on my behalf of course, so as to not make futile assumptions, the primary basis of my claims.

             My name is Mario Orantes, I'm from El Salvador I came to Taiwan around 3 years ago to study my undergraduate program in Agriculture on plant science in the National Pintung University of Science and Technology. Since I been here the Taiwan's culture had been present in my life everyday in many aspect.

Before I came here one of the thing that everybody asked me in my country was: “Do you think you will like taiwanese food?” and I answered “of course, don't worry about it if I like the taiwanes food here, so the food in Taiwan will be better”, the fact is since I been here I eaten every kind of taiwanes food (traditional and daily) and until now I can properly say that almost all the food I like and enjoy.

 Taiwanese food has many hidden delights that sometimes will be lost to the casual observer due to appearance, smell of just plain difficult pronunciations of names. However once one becomes open minded and embraces this rich and vibrant culture they will realize that foods are just as diverse and taste compared to one’s home.



Cuisine is defined as a style or method of cooking, especially, characteristic to a particular country, region, or establishment. The cuisine in Taiwan is very exquisite and unlike anything that I have ever tried before. The combinations of flavors and aromas really have a long lasting effect on the palette. Whether you purchase your meal in a night market, the cafeteria, or even in an all- you- can- eat restaurant, the vast combination of flavors exudes Taiwanese culture.
   Being in Taiwan, I have had the opportunity to try many types of Taiwanese food, inclusive of my favorites being dumplings, oolong mian, nui rou mian, and all the many combinations of tofu dishes. I absolutely love the breakfast places, where I can get dumplings and dan-ping, with a hot cup of soymilk. For lunch, fried rice or a soup works really well too. And for dinner, a stop at the hot pot restaurants makes the perfect meal.


To my palate I am not really a fan of Taiwanese food, but there are several dishes that are really good. I have been around with several of my local friends and have found several dishes that are really good. My favorite local dish is the pig elbow, but not everyone can prepare it good. To me most of the food here is cooked without any seasons and are basically simple. But then again it’s the culture and the type of food that is eaten here. So mostly I cook every day at my apartment. Whenever I go home I would bring seasons and ingredients from my country so that I can prepare home style meals. The culture and the food of this country are far different from that of which I am accustomed to. Here mostly everything is boiled or fried and a lot of vegetables. At home we do a lot of stew, BNQ baking and other methods of cooking. 


Hi I’m Alvaro, I came almost 3 years ago as a vegan (vegetarian for moral selection). Since the very first day that I step a foot on Taiwan, I loved it. I loved the people, the friendliest on earth, I heard. I loved the landscape, a complex scenery compound by an imposing central mountain range and gentle rivers, waterfalls, lakes and shores. And of course, I loved the exotic gastronomy; all the food here is amazing, from the simple white rice to stinky tofu, every single thing just taste superior. Well but everything that has its own good and bad sides. I would love to start by telling you what I found not to be liked here in Taiwan’s gastronomy.


Living in Taiwan for the past two years had made cone to taste and see a variety of Taiwan’s cuisine. I have to admit at first I was reluctant to try any but after I realize that I had to make an effort to really enjoy Taiwan’s food and thus its culture. Now I can eat most of the food, although some of it I have not dare to try as yet like the famous stinky tofu. I can only say that Taiwan’s cuisine is good especially if you know what to eat and where you can get it. Like all food around the world, Taiwan’s food has its pros and cons. For us being foreigners it’s not our native dishes and totally different taste to get use to eating.


Coming to Taiwan has been such a wonderful experience to me. Before I left my country, I knew that going overseas was going to be a new challenge for my life. Being out of home means to face, to understand, and to adapt to all new things we may find in a new country.
Before leaving my country, I had talked to one of my friends who studies in Taipei, and I remembered that one of the things he told   me was about Taiwanese food. He said; “please get ready to try and start liking Taiwanese food”, and he only said that it was quite different in taste, but actually everything about food in this country is completely different from most foods I have ate from another countries.


Hello everybody, now it’s the turn to talk about Taiwanese food, I’m pretty sure many of you want to know if the taste of the Taiwanese food or Chinese food as we know in the western side is the same as it is here.
The answer to this question is NO, actually the original Taiwanese food is a mix of flavors, it represent a big creativity in cooking and textures, it also contain a lot of ingredients, since a variety of sauces to the variety of seasoning depending of what type of food is cooked. This area also has a rich store of tropical fruits like mango, papaya, watermelon and melon, which regularly find their way to incorporate them as ingredients of the food.