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27. Taiwanese food: Pros and Cons


Taiwan is known around the world for high technology and stunning national parks. However, this country is also known for its night markets and the variety of its cuisine. You can’t go anywhere without seeing something to eat just around the corner. Since I came to Taiwan last September, I have eaten different types of Taiwanese food to experience the culture. After trying different dishes, I can make a comparison between the delicious and pleasing food and the unhealthy and bad tasting one.

 Taiwanese food, mmm,” henhao” (good).  I found Taiwanese food very delicious and I enjoy it.

One thing I like about Taiwanese food is that most of the food is low in fat and content low cholesterol. These foods help me to drastically reduce my excessive fat. I realized that it is not healthy to accumulate too much fat. Food can be easily found at anytime and anywhere in Taiwan. I was always thinking that everyone is involved in food selling business.

 Taiwan, one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in Asia, is famous for its unheard of cuisine. It is often said that a country can be known for its people and this can also be applied to Taiwan when it comes to their food. Taiwan in my opinion has a unique blend of exotic cuisine.