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33. Why I chose to study in Taiwan?

Since I was kid, I have always been interested in learning about different cultures. I used to read and read about locations of countries. After memorizing them, I would have fun finding them on a map. I also enjoyed learning about their languages, what they eat or did in their daily life. Culture is been the factor that has called my attention a lot to come to Asia.  Be its language, food, customs or ethnic diversity, chinese culture has great deal of history and values to teach us. In the following paragraphs, I will explain the cultural reasons mentioned previously, that have fascinated be to study in Asia.

I loved learning English as a kid; mostly because it helped me to understand the videogames I used to play! As I grew up, I wondered: “Hey, how does Chinese people learn to talk if they don’t have the ABC?”. During that time, I didn’t even know that there were many types of Chinese languages: hakka, min-nan hua, cantonese, etc. I was so curious that I took mandarin lessons in my country. I was intrigued by the Chinese language. Later on I got to learn that the chinese spoken in Taiwan is not the same as the one spoken in other parts of Asia.

After realizing that there’s a great ethnic variety and that chinese is written and spoken differently depending on locations within a country; I started to look about the ethnic peoples in chinese speaking regions. I found many of them, many of them with distinct dialects. 

First of all I wish to say it has been destined by God that some day in my life I will be in Asia. On the context of common sense, I have choose to study in Taiwan base on some apparent reasons such as the bilateral relationship between Taiwan and my country The Gambia, my academic back ground, and on a personal wish triggered by some expectations. However, I must say it all also came as a surprise to me that Taiwan was going to be my first destination for study abroad.

The Gambia and Taiwan are good friends and partner in development and other key factors necessary in implementing interest of both parties. Recently, Taiwan is attraction quite a good number of students from the Gambia because of its education development assistance it is rendering to the Gambia in the form of scholarships. For example, my university alone has total of 34 continuing students from The Gambia and this is excluding the rest of students in the whole of Taiwan. Perhaps, I can say this was one of the reasons that I found myself studying in Taiwan.

I was fortunate enough to find myself receiving a scholarship to Taiwan after I had just recently gotten out of college.  I remember all the effort I put into getting into Taiwan and studying at the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology but all the effort was not in vain, because on the month of July I received a call from the Taiwanese embassy which is situated in the north of my country telling that I received the scholarship, I was so much in high spirits. The reason for this was because I really like the work the local Taiwanese people did in my country from new ways of grafting to introducing tissue culture lab in my country which helped create more job employment opportunities in my country. This all led to the reason why I chose Taiwan as my destination to pursue my bachelors degree, Taiwanese are very good at agriculture, this is the main reason why this country is so developed as it is today, I chose Taiwan because of its ideal agricultural methods, to learn and participate in a new culture a new way of doing things and to meet with people all over the world and learn from each other.

Well I chose to study in Taiwan because is a country full of opportunities, at the beginning I was so afraid to come to Taiwan, my mind was full of doubts because is a totally different culture, another language especially because my mother language is not English or Chinese I though what would be like to be far away from my house with different people different food, different education system , but after I research I found that it was a good opportunity to learn new stuff especially because my country needs people with new ideas to develop the country in different areas , that’s why I chose Taiwan because Taiwan has an outstanding higher education system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Chinese language and history to tropical agriculture and forestry, genetic engineering, business, I chose tropical agriculture as my major and I don’t regret at all because I have learned a lot from my lectures especially I learned that Taiwan is very advance country and they used the proper technology in each field what makes them economically fast growing and that’s what my country needs to learned.

After I graduate from high school I had the idea that I wanted to study outside of my country, not just because I wanted to have better knowledge but also because I wanted to know more about other cultures. Therefore I started asking for some information in embassy to observe about which one could give me the opportunity to study the bachelor I wanted; while I was doing this I started the collage in one of the most prestigious universities in El Salvador in the field of Economics. Despite the fact I was interesting on this field of Economics and I couldn’t find any opportunity I continue my studies for 1 year and a half, therefore I hear that one friend received a scholarship to come to Taiwan and study his bachelor.

Subsequently I started talking with this friend about how he did to apply and how was the life in Taiwan, accordingly with all the comments that he told me, I get more interested in this country; so I started making my research about the universities and which degrees they were offering, but also about the culture here in Taiwan. First I apply to study one year of Chinese which I thought it was really important so in that case I will be able to know more about the culture and about the people and their activities. After one year been here I apply again to stay here and start my bachelor in the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. Which I like a lot and I have been taking all the courses with local people and knowing more about their culture.

Taiwan has an outstanding higher educational system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Chinese language and history to tropical agriculture and forestry, genetic engineering, business, semi-conductors and more. Chinese culture holds education and scholarship in high regard, and nowhere is this truer than in Taiwan. In Taiwan I  experienced a vibrant, modern society rooted in one of world’s most venerable cultures, and populated by some of the most friendly and hospitable people on the planet. A great education can lead to a great future. This reason had really inspired me to come to Taiwan and fulfill my dreams to acquire knowledge and skills. There are many reasons that I really find in Taiwan as it is an interesting, exciting and rewarding place to pursue my higher education.



The government of Taiwan (Ministry of Education) places great emphasis on quality in higher education. Several innovative programs promote Taiwan’s international academic competitiveness. In addition, Taiwan’s strong technology sector guarantees high quality education in these fields and
attracts me and many students from developing countries to study bio-technology, semi-conductor technology, business, forestry, agriculture, animal husbandry, chemistry and so on. Another glorious chance I can also obtain after completing my course of study in Taiwan, it can enhance me to have a white collar job back in my country to serve them to the best of my abilities and try to find positive ways to revive and improve the living standards of people. In Taiwan here is always easier to have a scholarship and the tuition fees are cheaper compared to other countries in the world, so this is also another overwhelming factor that prompted me to choose Taiwan for my studies.

The reasons that opted me to choose Taiwan for studies are numerous but can be deduced to the most reasonable factors.

First and for most, the government of Taiwan under this generous and Samaritan body (ICDF) pave the way for me and thousands of other people. Therefore they made all come true and for that reason should not be overlooked. But again there are some underline factors that motivated me to choose their scholarship and coming to Taiwan in particular which will be highlighted below.

Firstly, the issue of hospitality, kindness was a point of concern and to my understanding it is a characteristic posses by Taiwanese people. Because the the most essential factor in any geographical location, organization or community is the rapport that you have with people. This however yields peace and tranquility hence give you a peace of mind and enable you to achieve what you needed at the end of the day. It is also seen that the people have a deep social background that makes them so sociable and friendly without any form of racism, religious view or economic status. This therefore was a strong motivation for me to take the scholarship, because without peace within your vicinity one can never do or perform things in the right manner more especially in a foreign land.

Hi my name is Donisio Shol; I am currently an undergraduate student at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation.  I am majoring in plant science at this university. I am from a tropical country called Belize, located in Central American region. I am from a traditional Mayan family that does farming for a living, hence the reason for being so interested in agriculture. I grew up doing farming and living the life of ordinary farmers in Belize. I have always had an interest in pursuing my degrees in agricultural related field. When ICDF gave me the opportunity I was very excited to start a new chapter in my life.

I choose to study in Taiwan mainly because Taiwan has been an active country that is promoting sustainable agriculture.  I knew that studying in Taiwan would help me reach my dreams and goals, which is returning back to my country, improving the traditional ways of farming in a sustainable and environmental friendly manner to the people of Belize. The Taiwan mission in Belize has also inspired me to continue doing agriculture as well, in my opinion they practice some of the best and use some of the most reliable technology while doing farming. When I applied to ICDF and got the opportunity to further my studies here in Taiwan I was excited to come to study in Taiwan, it was my dream to be here.  

Another reason why I came to Taiwan is because I wanted to grow and develop academically and personally. I believe that college is a time for learning – but not only about academics. In my

I always told my friends when I was back in high school I must attend university one day, not knowing the true benefits of having a higher education but became a goal based on what the teachers instilled and listening to other graduates study experience.

My name is Miguel Flemming, from the lovely island of St.Kitts and Nevis. Agriculture has always been my dream, developing the love from my grandfather’s farm.  Even though Agriculture has always been my dream, after completing high school I attended the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College where I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Arts Office Administration. This was so because our island does not have any higher level of Agriculture been taught after high school but I just wanted to attend college with my friends, so I just choose anything. I never tried to find an opportunity to fulfill my dream, I never thought about doing what it takes to continue, so I was unaware of the available opportunities all around the world.

Happily, the government of St.Kitts and Nevis and the Taiwan government have a relationship so we have a Taiwan Mission at our island. Therefore, this gave me the opportunity to see the level of Agricultural techniques that came from Taiwan. The capacity to which they do it is not at maximum but the techniques are modern and it amazed me with the different techniques they use.

Why did I choose to study in Taiwan? I do not know how many times people have asked me that question and to be honest I have no idea why I came to Taiwan. I think it is the same as asking why in the world people like PSY’s Gangnam Style. The thought of the song either makes you shake your head and say “What is this?”, or it makes you smile and you find yourself humming the catchy tune while waiting for the bus.  The answer to these two questions is the same. For Gangnam style, I do not know why I like the song I just do. In Taiwan’s case I do not know why I came, I just came.

The easy answer would be to say, Taiwan is technologically advanced and studying IMBA in Technology Management in Taiwan would be highly beneficial. This is true, and depending on who asks me this question, that is the answer I give. But the reality is that, there are many possible reasons why I decided to move to Taiwan for 2 years.

One could be that I came to Taiwan because I wanted something different. I wanted to experience a new way of life, new language, and taste different food. The other possible reason could be that I like meeting different people from foreign countries. My grandmother was a primary school teacher and she had a world map in her house. Looking at that map as an 8 yr old Swazi girl in Africa, I knew that the world was bigger than I was and I wanted to see it all one day. I have to admit, growing up, I was obsessed with Bruce Lee movies and for a second I thought every Asian person knew kung fu and could glide through the air like the Monkey King.  I was always curious about Asian countries and their cultures because it was so different from what I knew and what I had seen in my own small scope of the world. Therefore, many Chinese cinematography years later, when the opportunity of pursuing my studies in Taiwan presented itself, I gladly accepted.