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36. How do you cope with the pressure from school work

At some point or another within our educational journey, I'm sure we've all encountered the pressure that comes along with being a student and having schoolwork. With this being said, I believe that when it comes to schoolwork it is not how much or how little pressure you are faced with that arbitrates ones scholarly success, but rather it is how you handle the pressure that confronts you that is the ultimate determinant.

 Pressure that comes from schoolwork can stem from different sources i.e. teachers and parents, but it can also come from you yourself. Often times it can be seen that the people who feel the most pressure are those that expend the most effort in anticipation of the highest outcomes. Now don't get me wrong, determination and some amount of pressure is good as it tends to keep one from idling, but, too much pressure can be disadvantageous. The last thing you want to do is burnout yourself stressing over schoolwork.

As a student myself, I too have on several occasions, encountered this feeling of being pressured to not only succeed academically, but to exceed expectations that have been placed upon me by others. After some years of carrying this pressure around like a heavy load on my back, I've come to the realization that as a student the ultimate tool needed to cope with the pressure from schoolwork is “Balance”. Whenever I find myself feeling pressured to meet approaching deadlines from having lagged behind in my schoolwork, I’d normally take a step back to re-evaluate my scholastic approach in an attempt to discover new techniques that I can incorporate into my academic life.