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37th issue by NTCN on January 2014

I came to Taiwan not lot time ago, however since the first moment I put my feet in the Formosa ilha, as the Portuguese called Taiwan the first time they came, everything has been an adventure in a new world. I must say that everything had passed too fast and I still don’t believe that I’m studying so far away from home, at least 20 hours flight from Nicaragua, and I think the biggest reason is the Taiwanese people.

When I got the news about my chance to come to Taiwan the first thing that came to my mind was: Oh!, I have to do some research, I don’t know enough about Taiwan and I have to be prepare to not suffer of the famous cultural shock.  Then, I started to read, watch and listen all about this country; history, geography, religion, weather, culture, people, language, FOOD, everything. So, I did my homework before coming and I declared myself ready for this adventure.

So, when I arrived to Taiwan, everything was where it supposed to be, Taipei in the North, Tainan in the South, Taichung in the middle, Chiayi County and Chun Cheng University somewhere among these places. Nevertheless, everything was bigger of what I expected and the distance longer of what I thought, but I think it was my fault because most things in Nicaragua are much smaller than in Taiwan.

Its twenty-eight (28) months since I departed from the Gambia - a West African nation with a population of about 1.7million according to the 2009 approximation.  The Gambia is known as “the smiling coast of West Africa”. The Gambia smiles to visitors; hence there is freedom in the air, security and tranquility swelling on the coast. Unique about The Gambia is its triple attractions: the sea, the sandy beaches and the abundant sunlight. However, the quest for higher academic degrees for better quality of life and significant and meaningful contribution towards national development, I  and many like me, had no much options but to leave our country and her warm-hearted people plus friends, family, loved ones and the entire culture to travel to South East Asia. Not just to travel to South East Asia but to the beautiful land of Formosa - Taiwan - a country which, in terms of total area twice as big as the Gambia but its population is about ten times as much.