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39. How Studying in Taiwan has Influenced My Habits and Personality

Personality is something innate in all of us. It has been shaped from our youth and as we grow older we find that our personality is less malleable; less likely to change. However a large transition, such as someone moving from their home to halfway around the globe, does have that power to affect our personality.

I have always loved to study abroad, to change environment and experience life from an almost entirely different perspective. Thanks to the Lord and TaiwanICDF for having given me the opportunity to venture thus far to Taiwan. A country that inspires me in terms of development especially in the fields of education, healthcare and infrastructure.

To visit a foreign country, meet the people, enjoy the food, explore sceneries and experience the culture is not a new thing for me. Before I came to Taiwan I did some research and I found out that there are a lot of places to visit, the people are friendly, the food is completely different and there’s a rich and vibrant culture.

Studying away from home is a challenging experience. The frequent thought that one has to cope with is the missing of family and friends. The other worry is the people you will meet. How are they? Are they caring? And so on. As time pass by my questions become answered one after the other. I realized that I need to play my part, I need to pull up to adapt to the “Taiwanese Style”.

It is a common belief that many sojourners’ academic, personal, intercultural and professional development can be shaped as a result of studying abroad. However literature has indicated that until now, very limited research efforts have been directed towards the field of international education to ascertain the lasting effects of studying abroad on sojourners.

Hello everyone, I am glad to share with you guys the experience that made my life happy during two years, definitively it changed my personality and my habits in a very positive way and made me feel blessed most of the time. Now, let me explain you more how specifically I consider these changes in my personality and habit occurred:


Humans are endowed with the ability to adjust rapidly in different or changing situations and environments. As such, although we may grow up in totally different environments, cultures and conditions and inculcate our unique habits and personalities, we can easily adapt to new environments.

At this time I would like to extend a sincere thank you to ICDF for this opportunity. Two years have come and gone, I am here about to celebrate my success and preparing my farewell. But yeah sounds good right? Especially for those that lately arrived here. Studying here I would say, ‘to a certain extent’ has influenced my habits and personality. It was not an easy sail as many would have thought so.

Each year in this beautiful island(Formosa), thousands of students pack up their lives into a couple suitcases, embrace their friends and parents for one last time and head off on the adventure of a lifetime. Studying abroad, especially in Taiwan is not only about attend the classes, write papers and cram for exams, it’s so much more for me.

Studying in Taiwan has no doubt been an eternally memorable experience. From the food to the culture to the contrast in world view, it’s all been quite unforgettable. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect from life in Taiwan but I had an open mind and lots of enthusiasm, as is my usual disposition.