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19. ISU

For the past six years of my student life in Taiwan, I’ve been living a life contrary to a life I’ve been raised in. I come from a country where in a general household, there can be more than ten people living together. I am raised in a home that is always crowded and noisy. You are never alone.  Living in a dormitory here in Taiwan; an environment where quietness is highly recommended as others might be sleeping or studying; it is unusual for me.

Taiwan’s night markets: “The colorful treasures in the heart of Asia”

If you leave Taiwan without visiting one of the night markets, you definitely missing out on a lot. I can not think of any place where I can recommend a friend or family member to experience the raw Taiwan spirit and energy than at a night market. Talking about local cuisine, culture, handicraft, fashion, art or just mingling with the locals, all at one place.

The system of education which are using in the medical campus is the block system. It is the first time for me to use this system since where I trained previously we were using semesters. The block system is a good system especially for programme like medicine which has a lot of content. In the block system the curriculum is divided into blocks and we do one block for six week then write an exam for that block. It is easy for me to understand because we focus on one block at the time, different professors come teach their part in that block. It is an advantage for me because I get relevant information from expertise in that field. There is no victimization since the professor they just teach their part, so it is unlikely for them to victimize a student.


Tertiary education is key in the economic development of every society, be it developed or developing societies. The vitality of tertiary education need not to be over emphasized simply because all these professionals that are in the work force who contribute to the growth of the economy of a country, are produced by tertiary education. It is therefore important that education in tertiary institutions be of high quality, in order to produce professionals that would be competent and efficient. This article will critically analyse tertiary education in Taiwan, focusing on the valuable aspects and some of the shortcomings of the Taiwanese tertiary education.

The Valuable Aspects

State of the art facilities (Learning Equipment)

The availability of learning equipment is crucial for students to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills at tertiary institutions. In Taiwan, state of the art laboratories and equipment which are in good working order are always available for the students to use for their learning purposes. This makes learning a lot easier and more practical, which enhances understanding of the basic concepts of the knowledge that students need to acquire. For an example, I am a medical student at I-Shou University College of Medicine; our department provides us with excellent facilities for us to sharpen our knowledge and skills on the basic sciences of Medicine, which will make us to be competent and efficient physicians when we graduate. In a nutshell, availability of such facilities makes Taiwanese college education the best because opportunity to learn and have hands on practical experience is always available to all students, which prepares them adequately for work after graduating.

MY NAME IS OLIVIER SCHELOMITH DAVID ALTIERY . MY ID IS 10357030A I AM A STUDENT OF ISU UNIVERSITY PROGRAM OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENT.I FEEL in enthusiasm to speak the history of education in Taiwan also FEEL CAUGHT BY THE RANGES sensitive PLus of nature to talk about education of taiwan.taiwain is favorale countries to study, because the professor are very strict Very respectful and very great.so in the university medicine the international school student the people are very orderliness They explained very well and accurately as the majorities are high grades specialists that`s to say they are well trained .those which attracts over  are the books; they are all qualities. the program i shou university is very important so you have to studied a lot. I see that i shou university is in the process of forming scholars to serve their country and the world. we can compare i shou university with any other medicine university in the world .for example is the program structure was well structure representable laboratories and the class room is well ventilated,also well cleaned , no noise. I often have a question if i shou university trains 200 students per year especially for poor countries, mortalities and morbidity will be REDUCE in the world. i shou university is well equipped on all views .on the academic point too the architecture of the dormitory, very clean especially we have time to do everything well and fast,there  are security in the dormitory. if a family want his son studied in security and compliance can be entrusted his son or daughter have I shou university THIS PEOPLE ARE very . the integral of the university were to have no fear of handling any device because he already had the habit. for me ISU College medicine is the first and the best school most well equipped in the world.Ireceive the top education, with state of the art facilities and amazing technology.

Acquiring human capital is the best thing anyone can do for themselves. It is something that never leave you no matter where you go. Any country that wants to be ahead and compete economically must first see the value of and necessity of an educated nation. It is one of the most important investments a country can make on its people. Education helps reduce poverty and gives citizens the critical skills that empower them to contribute to the country’s growth, while providing for their families and children.

 This is exactly what is happening in Taiwan. Education is clearly driving this small, pacific western, democratic country to success in every aspect. This country has seen the value of education and as a result they are a force to be reckoned with educationally and economically. This powerhouse in world education and economics got this far by making sure the nations education received top priority.

The educational system in Taiwan is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education of Republic of China (commonly known as "Taiwan"). The system in the ROC produces pupils with some of the highest test scores in the world, especially in mathematics and science. It has been criticised for placing excessive pressure on students and eschewing creativity in favour of rote memorization. Recent educational reforms intended to address these criticisms are a topic of intense debate in Taiwan. Although current law mandates only nine years of schooling, 95% of students go on to high school, trade school or college. President Ma announced in January 2011 that the government would begin the phased implementation of a twelve-year compulsory education program by 2014.

In Taiwan we have two sectors responsible of the education: the public and the private but both of them are supervised or controlled by the state.

Hello, my name is Cody Rumos Jack and I am a first year student at I Shou University School of Medicine for International Students. I am from the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), a small island nation in the Central Pacific Ocean.

In my country, we only have one institution available for students to pursue higher education, i.e. the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI). Therefore I believe one of the most valuable aspects of education in Taiwan is the fact that there are so many choices here in Taiwan. Like I previously said, in my country there is only one college and it is merely a two year college. It cannot supply my developing country with enough professionals to enter the workforce in a reasonable amount of time and therefore students must seek higher education elsewhere. This leads me to another valuable aspect about education in Taiwan; that is all of these universities and colleges are so easily accessible and numerous in number. This essentially allows students from other countries and of Taiwan itself to enter into the higher education easily. I feel that these are the more important aspects of education in Taiwan.

In the Republic of Paraguay Taiwan ROC is more than an ally, is a Country friend, brother, and father to a feeling; Taiwan's cooperation in our country is invaluable, providing not only infrastructure but mainly in the education of young people in our country and Taiwan.

Taiwan ROC anus gives about 50 full scholarships for undergraduate and graduate to the various areas of study (commercial property, industrial and public health), mostly of 5 years duration depends on the degree to which one applies.

During my years as a student at the National University of Asuncion started to see more closely the work of Cooperation performing year after year Taiwan in the area of university education, especially in the Faculty of Medical Sciences to which belongs the Hospital de Clinics (called at one time the Hospital of the needy), my honorable house of studies; I graduated Career Instrumentation and Surgical Area, Thank God the honor roll under the 2012 promotion with pride.