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43. One question that I would like to ask Taiwanese people most

Taiwan is an island nation located in East Asia about 112 miles off the southeastern coast of China across the Taiwan Strait. Taipei is the seat of the central government and together with the surrounding cities of New Taipei City and Keelung City forms the largest metropolitan area on the island. 

Taiwan is truly the heart of Asia. Is a very complex place full of surprises and experiences to be experienced, allowing us to see life. Being the heart of something brings lots of questions. Hearts allow blood to circulate in our bodies and are symbols of life.

What will happen if Taiwanese people remove Beethoven from their daily life?

…It is coming. You can hear it from very far away. Everybody recognizes the sound and is used to. Yeah!, the garbage collector is passing by…

Over the past year that I have been enjoying this wonderful country of Taiwan, exploring the city and discovering the most unique places such as night markets, conventions centers, morning markets, beaches, hidden mountains, majestic lakes and so on, there is one common factor that I always observe while I’m walking on the streets or even doing a little hiking, whi

One question that I would like to ask Taiwanese people most

TNUA-Nelly Daniela Ortiz Canales


Taiwan is as diverse as its multicultural society and has been shaped by many internal and external factors and regional distinctions. As a whole it represents a rich eclectic and innovative tradition.

Hi everyone! My name is Claudia Victoria Damiani Montealegre. I’m 27 years old and I 

One question that I would like to ask Taiwanese people most 

NYMU-Selma Ada Bermudez

My first time in Taiwan was March 2014, I spent 3months here. It was a long flight, and on arrival it was very cold despite being March. I arrived at 5am and was taken to a hotel, I left my luggage in the room and decided to go have breakfast.

I’ve been in Taiwan for 3 months now and I feel happy about the part of Taiwan I have 

discovered so far. I’m a student in National Yang Ming University which is actually a great university.

My name is Maria Fernanda Avila and I come from Honduras located in Central America. I am currently attending National Yang Ming University enrolled in the International Health Program. If I could ask the Taiwanese people a question it would be the following: How did Taiwan managed to become the developed nation that it is today?

Last week I read Taiwan Today newspaper, and I was mentioned by the title “ Taiwan rated world’s 2nd safety country” - Taiwan was ranked the second safest country in the world in 2015, according to a survey released earlier this month by U.S. lifestyle magazine Presscave” .