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44. My first earthquake experience in Taiwan


Good morning, my name is Jude Pean (朱培安). I am living in Keelung. I am a student in International master program in Aquaculture Technology and Management at National Taiwan Ocean University. I am glad to tell you the story of my first earthquake experience in Taiwan. How was that??? Hmmm!!!! Wait a minute.

It was Monday, September 14, 2015 around 9:17 PM, also the same day I arrived Taiwan, 10 minutes after I arrived my dorm. I started to arrange my stuffs. I remember being very tired and felt very sleepy. This day, I was very busy because of a lot of stuffs to do. All of them were very important for me.

Coming from the Caribbean I already had a firsthand experience with, these range from slight tremors to minor magnitude earthquakes, but the earthquakes I have experienced in Taiwan are on a whole different level.