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44. My first earthquake experience in Taiwan

The day before the earthquake I traveled with my friends to Hualien. We visited the downtown and the beach, and then we went to sleep. We stayed in a hotel located 1 block to the beach.

 Topic: My first earthquake experience in Taiwan

I totally used to sleep nude until February 6th, 2016. It was approximately 3:50am and I had just completed my routine conversation with my son. I am usually up at that time eagerly waiting for that phone call from my precious son because that’s roughly the time he gets home from school.

I can still remember this vividly like it has just happened yesterday while its now more than a year ago. So far I have had different experiences of earthquakes in Taiwan some minor some major but I will never forget my first experience. Maybe its the fact that I was a little bit traumatised and thought it was a dream while it was so real.