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47th issue by NCCU on January 2018

Who does not know about ‘Night Market’ in Taiwan? It seems making me remember at the first time I arrived in Taipei, I just wanted to visit the most popular night market in Taiwan!

I come from Vietnam, a country located 1700 km from the south of Taiwan. Thanks to the closeness of geographical characteristic, there are also many overlapping culture between the two countries. We also have night market in Vietnam. In Hanoi, our capital city, there is only one night-market located in the center of the city operating during weekend.

Night market is one best experience of mine since the time I came to Taipei. Although in Vietnam, we have many night markets, but it is different from the one that everyone is enjoy in Taiwan. What I can see here is that even elderly people or little children are also join the night market, which seems rarely in my country.

The night market is by far the most intriguing culture in Taiwan. The night market can feel like a completely different world; I am from Swaziland – a country where people are literally off the streets at 1930 hours.

When you talk about Taiwan, night market is the first thing that comes into mind.

Why do I say so?


I am from Belize which is the only English speaking country in Central America.  Taiwan is the first Asian country I have been to.  So far the experience has been an amazing one filled with new adventures.  I remember the first time hearing about night markets and wondering to myself why would they have markets at night.  Back

How do you see the night market culture in Taiwan

By Gerardo Paniagua_YZU

The cool cheap eating market

Most of the tourists go to a night market to sightseeing and have an authentic encounter with the local culture and the custom of the Taiwanese people, because this markets provide original cultural characteristics of people's night life in this country. 

The moment I step into Taiwan’s night market culture, it immediate give me the sense of what Taiwanese culture is like, that is by experience the culture through type of cuisines, street foods and goods sold at the markets from five pieces of sugar cake going for 30NT$ to fried delicious shrimps with fowls eggs wrapped into it, as to name this as few, and many more yet be to taste.

I am just completing four months living in Taiwan, so my experience has not been enough but every time I go out I get surprised by Taiwan’s culture. Exploring a different culture and meeting new people is very unique and an unforgettable experience. The night market in Taiwan is what we called “the fair” in my country Belize.