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47th issue by NCCU on January 2018

The first time I was in a night market in Taiwan I got a great impression due to the large number of people who were in the place. The variety of foods, different varieties and smells that mixed in the atmosphere seemed very peculiar to me. The market seemed a very narrow road, and it was difficult for me to walk among so many people and so many shops.

The night market is one of the exciting culture and entertainment in Taiwan. When the first time I came to Taiwan, every friend will suggest me to visit night market. It was fascinating and exited at that time. Night market has everything. We can buy many kinds of street foods, clothes, play games, or just chilling with friends. Every county in Taiwan has the night market. Taiwanese enjoy it a lot.

My name is Marietta William and my Chinese name is Mai Li Da. This is my first year here in Taiwan to study on tropical agriculture at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology sponsor by the ICDF scholarship. I very happy to learn more about the culture and traditional of Taiwan. For the topic that I going to explain is about How do I see the night market culture in Taiwan.

Taiwan is a country with big commercial movement, from early morning hours many people is preparing their products and stores to receive costumers. These products, which vary from raw agricultural products to well processed products, normally represent the different regions of Taiwan. Even though this movement starts in early hours, is in the night when many costumers gather in those places called night markets.

As an amazing place, Taiwan is a beautiful island full of wonders and new experiences for any person that decides to come and live the culture and experience. Night market are street markets in Taiwan that operate in urban or suburban areas, and is one of the wonderful places that Taiwan has, as part of culture base in my opinion.

Night markets can be found in every major city in Taiwan, and even in small towns. They are the attractions for many tourists to explore the Taiwanese cuisine among other delightful foods available to feast your eyes and make your mouth water.

“Aubin, are you sure you want to go to Taiwan and study?”, was I always wondering as the day of my flight to Taiwan was drawing near. All the excitement I had when I got selected for the ICDF program vanished away at the airport. I wanted to stay home in Burkina, enjoy more the company of my family, friends, and all the people that are dear to me.