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47th issue by NCCU on January 2018

I LOVE IT. First thing I did in Taiwan after I got settled in, was to try the nearest night market. It was all that I expected. All the different types of food, smells and smiles were captivating. I think I tried six or seven different snacks and they were great. From that night on I started visiting different night markets all over Taipei, discovering different dishes and learning how to actually ask for what I wanted!

When I arrived in Taipei, Taiwan on September 2017 the first-night market I have visited was Gongguan night market and so far I have visited five-night markets, four in Taipei and one in Tainan.

Taiwan’s diverse culture is unique; it’s full of attractions and is one of the best food destinations in the world. In several cities all around the country you can find sections called Night Markets, which are full of alleyways with a variety of traditional, local and also international stores, mainly dedicated to sell small eats and clothe.

My sister told me that, when she was in Taiwan few years ago, one place she used to go when finding something interesting after a long day of work, is the night market. This night market is so good and is somewhat scattered with all varieties of needs and wants. The thing that would give you more desire about this place is the variety of local food it has.

"Muslim Traveller go shopping in Liuhe Night Market, Taiwan"


How do you see the night market culture in Taiwan

An experience in the night shared in night and day

Few days after I arrived in Taiwan, I heard that there is a night market near my school. It is my first time in Asia and from the movies that I watched, I always wanted to visit a night market. I was so excited that I visited it the same night I heard about it. It was beyond my expectations since I saw (and sometimes tasted) some foods I have never seen in my whole life.

Hi! My name is Sinan from Turkey. I am studying at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu. 

From many aspects, the life here is totally different than the life in Turkey. That’s why I preferred to study in Taiwan. It has been 3 months since I came here and I can clearly say that I learnt and experienced so many things.