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I am studying at National Pingtung university and this university has a lot of departments including; department of tropical agriculture, civil engineering, animal science, aquaculture, management college and many more. Each department offers a variety of courses and as an individual, you are able to select the course that suit you best. I think this is one of the best traits of the Taiwan education system that I value most. Taiwanese education advocates for both academic excellence and talents in the arts and sports.

When it comes to education, it is important to try to look at it as a long-term investment, which at the end will pay off. All those late nights of studying, sometimes not even getting a single hour of sleep just to study for that important test, or the dedication that you put, will certainly be for your betterment. When it comes to education, it differs to some extent among countries. For instance, the education in my country (Belize) differs with the education offered by colleges here in Taiwan.

Determining the most valuable and valueless aspects of Taiwanese college education depends from the perspective from which one views the topic. From one perspective, we can measure the strengths and weaknesses of Taiwanese college education by assessing its returns to the individual and society at large. We can also establish the credibility and worthless aspects of Taiwanese higher education through comparing it with world standard college education. This essay aspires to discuss and explain the most valuable and valueless aspects of college education in Taiwan.

Higher education is a level that most people in their lifetime want to accomplish at some point in life but for some it is not an opportunity that they get presented with. But if you are one of the lucky few to acquire such an opportunity then of course you choose Taiwan as the place to further your education level as what myself and most of my friends did.

Each person has a positive impression on the word “education” because generally the meaning of education is about learning things in which skills and knowledge develop as well as values and beliefs are well taught that lead us to have a good life. This could be an authentic meaning of human survival. Hence why education then? To be seen as it has things that are valueless too? Well, remember there is a say that everything has both sides. No matter what, how beautiful it is, yet there is a dark side of it. Perhaps that is why the education is seen like this as well!

As I was getting the news that I got accepted by the I-Shou University, a set of images were coming to my head: living my family, my home country, my culture, etc. Alas, I still needed the approval of the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) but I could feel many emotions running through my body.

The most valuable and valueless aspects of Taiwanese education colleges varies a lot from person to person, and the type of academical environment the college provides for its students. It must be said that it is not the school who determines the quality of the students, but the students who determine the quality of the school. We can infer the same with the values and valueless aspects of Taiwanese education of colleges, in terms of gaining valuable or valueless aspects while studying in Taiwan.

The book Keep it Short and Simple (KISS) taught me to keep things short and simple. I started with the dots because I did not know what to write, thanks to the book I remembered words in the book I quote “KISS is a simple approach to writing that will reduce your anxiety about writing and show you how to use your time to organize, write, and present papers effectively”

Education is understood as a transfer of knowledge, beliefs, values, skills and even habits by a diversity of methodologies and techniques, and as far as I have experimented by myself here I can assure that Taiwanese Universities offer to professionals all over the world a great experience with a wide range of the best tools in a comfortable and friendly environment.