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7. My Chinese Class

I don’t mean to be harsh but my Chinese class was not one of my favorite subjects. It was a real struggle for me to attend Chinese as it was one class that I did not look forward to attend. I believe it was due to the hard time I had to grasp the different tones of the language. I never seem able to differentiate between all the tones. I was always confused between the first tone and the third tone. Overall, I had difficulty in just about every aspect of the Chinese language. I believe it’s a difficult language to learn and one which requires a lot of dedication.

Some other students also had a hard time grasping this language. One particular student attempted to make the class more exciting by asking the teacher questions on various topics. The teacher would then share with us topics such as Chinese tales and talk about her life when she was a child. She would even educate us about the Chinese culture, highlighting what is proper and impolite; and she also shared some of the Chinese superstitions.

I have studied Chinese language since I became a student in Yuan Ze University. When I started to study Chinese it was very difficult for me, because there are 5 intonations in Chinese language and my mother language doesn't have the same ones. So at first, I spoke without any intonation, like the Mongolian language, which either made me a big fan for Chinese people or they didn't understand me at all.

Now I have gained some experience for studying Chinese. I have had a good opportunity to learn Chinese, which is very helpful for me. I can practice Chinese anytime if I can communicate with the people here. I am lucky and happy because I am the first student of Yuan Ze University from Mongolia. I am really proud of it.

In these paragraphs I want to share my experience on learning Chinese language (中文 ), which hasn’t been an easy achievement and consequently I’ll explain the reasons. The first reason is finding the time to study because I’m also taking care of my classes in the university for my degree and this decreases the effectiveness of the learning experience.

If we talk about learning strategies, first I gather some vocabulary from TV. I listen to the words several times and this helps my pronunciation. Also, I see the Chinese word and it makes me curious to know what it means, so I look it up. I need to know how to satisfy my daily needs so I ask my Taiwanese friends how to say certain sentences. Still, it’s really pitiful when you can’t get what you want because of the barrier of language. But I understand is not a quick process to learn a new language so I will gather the language little by little and try to dedicate more time in the future because I’ve learned how important is Chinese language now days.

Hello there. My name is Reinaldo Granados and I’m a student in KSU (Kun Shan University), and I just want to tell you something about my experience learning Chinese.

Well, like everybody else, when I just got to Taiwan I was really scared with this language. I was just walking on the street trying to understand at least one word of this weird language called Chinese. Back in that time everything just sounded like the people were screaming at each other - almost fighting.

I have been in Taiwan for almost a year. During this year, I’ve been taking Chinese classes at my university. Three hours a week is not a lot, because the Chinese language is a difficult language but I have learned a lot from my classes now.

Hi my name is Mario Sanchez, and I am graduate student of Mechanical Engineering in Kun Shan University. Personally, I regard the Chinese language as a belonging to one of the wonders human beings have created in this world, and I am happy for the opportunity to study the language like this one.

But at the same time, I feel the need to comment on the great difficulty learning this language presents to me at the present time. The need to learn a new alphabet, memorize an unimaginable quantity of characters, to practice writing, learn pronunciation and live in a society where another language is also spoken (Taiwanese) requires 100 % dedication.

Learning Chinese is quite an experience, especially when you have never been in Asia before. You can find it literally a language out of your world, which is true for us since Western languages come from mainly from Latin.

In my country it is common to see many places that guarantee students will be speaking English in just a few months - which I have to say is quite true. Because our languages are similar – the grammar and many words are so alike. However, Chinese has a completely different history. The grammar and words are completely different, and if you can’t pronounce the accent perfectly people won’t understand what you are saying.