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11. How Would I Introduce Taiwan to My Friends Back Home

My name is Raphael Munthali, a graduate student at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in pursuit of International Graduate Programme in Civil Engineering Management (ICEM). This is how I would introduce Taiwan to my friends back home.


Have ever heard of the country that has registered strides of sustainable development with negligible deposits of mineral resources? This is an island country which its map looks either a sweet potato with the southern part being like the root connecting the tuber to the vine or a certain tree’s leaf with the southern part taking a shape of leaf petiole.

To my friends, I would say, “ Taiwan is the land of the noodles, tofu, green and black tea, fruits, food on sticks, mass rate transportation, scooters, bicycles, hot springs, unusual weather, and the home to the most tranquil and traditional people I have ever met.

I will not! I mean my friends back home in the Marshall Islands already know Taiwan. Taiwan is a big contributor or supporter to the surviving of my poor country. It has been a great helper in a variety of ways. Financially, Taiwan has been supporting my poor country with huge amount of money, that I cannot count, but I can only appreciate. Adequate, perhaps, too much financial support our nation received from Taiwan.

Helping the my nation with maintenance and improving the health status of our nation is also a great acknowledgment and character of Taiwan that wont be a blurred for the eyes of many friends back home. There are some negotiation going on between our Ministry of Health, the RMI environment authority, and the Taiwan that will bring up the living condition of our country. This cooperation and collaboration will be of great remarks from the many of my Marshallese friends.

As many may know, Taiwan is located almost equidistant from Japan and Korea to the north, the Philippines to the south and mainland China. This makes Taiwan a perfect lunch point or further traveling in Asia. With its area of 35,801 km² (13,822.8 sq mi) Taiwan has highly diversified environments where we can see sunny beaches, forested mountains, agriculture countryside and highly active cities (www.Wikipedia.org).

Taiwan is a small beautiful East Asian country located off the cost of Mainland China and south west of the main islands of Japan. The island is also known as Formosa meaning beautiful island and this is fitting because the island is mainly mountainous with natural forests which add to its beauty. It is also surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. The people are also beautiful with their ever happy smiles and warm hospitality.

I came here to study for a master degree in Agricultural Economics at National Taiwan University (NTU) situated in Taipei city which is the capital of Taiwan.

I think that us like Latin Americans, in general, we have a very vague idea of what Asia is. This is somehow expectable; our cultural and commercial relations with Asian countries are few if compared with other regions of the world, despite that has been changing quickly in the last years. However, most of Salvadorians would still don’t know much about Taiwan, its history and it’s culture.

If I have to describe Taiwan to my friends, I would like to start saying that is a little county full of good surprises and that a first visit to it would really change the way a Salvadorian looks at the world.

One of the characteristics of the Taiwanese society that I like the most, is the sense of respect to each other that exist between their citizens, and how friendly and nicely they treat to foreigners, being always in good disposition to help you find your way in an ambience where, because of the language and the cultural differences, you feel very often lost, especially in the case of most of us, ICDF beneficiaries, that we arrive here without speaking mandarin. However, for someone from Latin America, the first impression might be a little bit different. Taiwanese people is very reserved, and often very shy, if compared with the more spontaneous and ‘direct’ way that in our countries we have to treat each other. Vey often people here won’t look at you and will not even say hello to you, even if you have seen them a lot of times, but once you break the ice, that changes a lot and you can even realize that people is very interested by people from abroad and their culture.

If one want to learn how to achieve durable development, visiting Taiwan is one of the most valuable choice in the world, mostly for undeveloped or developing countries like Haiti. Utilization of high technology to support all sectors of activities is clearly visible from agriculture to security .As a fan of high-tech stuffs I usually visit most of the impressive market and company to discover new products, unfortunately for me it’s impossible, because every day there is some thing new somewhere; as nocturne life is guaranteed, it seems to me that they don’t sleep to invent and develop high quality goods for their citizens and other consumers of the world. Taiwan is a peaceful and secured place, you will never see a policeman or military with gun to threaten anybody, they use camera, hologram etc.. to identify the real trouble maker to avoid punishing innocents, one can walk anywhere at anytime without being victim from any physical aggression contrarily to some other places in the world.

Taiwan has so much to offer, it is an incredible country. I have been leaving in Taiwan for about six months, and during those months I have enjoyed, learned and had so many beautiful experiences. Taiwan is so rich in culture, history, and people it also possesses amazing places to travel. Furthermore, the education and experience that I am getting from Yuan Ze University is remarkable, it has a high academic level and a great atmosphere. Taiwan is definitely a great place for traveling, studying and leaving.

Gifted by nature with enviable and wonderful eye-catching places Taiwan is one the nicest island in the far east of Asia. Moreover, Taiwanese people are well embedded by its ancient and valuable culture. The achievement of being a well developed country has come to Taiwan because this people are very laborious and smart, serene and entrepreneur.


I arrived in Taiwan just seven months ago. And I can tell you that it has been a nice experience and it will this way always for sure to live, study and share memorable moments in this country.

As I said before Taiwanese people personality makes one’s life easy. I really feel comfortable chatting to them every time it is possible.