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12. The most beautiful spot on campus

Despaired as it may seem from the fact that I was oh - so far away from home and into the uncertainty of a new but yet another wonder of somewhat a different environment – none compared to any place I have been to. The moment I was accommodated into this impressive university; I thought to myself how it would make me feel at home. Leaving my family and the very simple Island life and bringing me here by some good fortune to this sophisticated standard of living that most would want to be a part of. Fortunate as it may seem but unfortunately the heart could not withstand the burden of adjusting, not for an instance!

My curiosity brought me to a location; an instant center of attraction I would say because the moment I sat eyes on this very place it besieged me and brought me to understand for a wee moment that really there was a meaning to everything. The surrounding for one is a soothing tool to the burden I was already experiencing and truly enough I was instantly been relieved for some reason. Why? ... The Drunken Moon Lake as it is famously known displays a simple architectural wonder of landscaping as its surroundings has a natural touch. The singing birds for one, the swaying trees that surround it and the different types of fish that swim in it somehow reflect the very essence of nature so how could a person like me just ignore the opportunity of just spending some time around this lake to witness what it offers. Indeed it is moments to treasure for this beautiful location offers somehow a refreshing and solace sentiment for the heart and mind that is and will be wounded.

I call it the Kamikaze Park, this is definitely not the real name for this area, but there is an old Japanese warplane that sits silently nearby. What makes this area the most beautiful spot at my University is not the place itself, it is an ordinary looking flat open space lawn, and there is nothing spectacular about the scenery. But it is the people that visit this place that makes it come to life.

崑山大學在台南。它是一個小又好看的學校。崑大有很多外國人(包含我)。他們都從中美洲來,像是尼加拉瓜,巴拿馬…等等的國家。崑山有很多很好的地方,而我最喜歡的是足球場。它在新大樓後面。在全世界足球是最有名的運動。幾乎每個人都喜歡的。在美洲每個孩子都學習打足球。長大之後,足球便對他們和我很重要。他們每天跟他們的朋友們在學校裡面或是路上打足球。他們也看足球比賽像是西班牙同盟, 義大利同盟,世界盃。

在崑大,每個外國人(包含我),在每個週末打足球,因?我們從禮拜一到禮拜五都有課。當我們打著足球時,臺灣人在我們旁邊跑步或是在足球場的右半邊打棒球。我們每一次都打兩個多鐘頭的足球。我們也認識新的朋友,因?當我們打足球時,一些學生在旁邊看我們打。我們打完的時候發現他們想要跟我們?話, 所以我們去他們那裡跟他們聊天。而且我們想要我們的中文越來越好,所以我們跟他們試著說中文。

Difficult to choose where is most beautiful spot on campus. In NTOU for me at least two places is beautiful depends on the weather (Keelung is most difficult unpredicted city for weather). Firstly, sea view in front of our school is beautiful when wind blows and little rain is nice to looking at especially from second floor NTOU library.

I am a student of National Central University one of the universities for my point of view is privileged for being not only conformed to classrooms, dormitories, offices and all with what has commonly a university, but it is the art of combining the environment and study areas.

At been extremely nice to be studying here because this combination of these types of environments has become more pleasant and relaxing life as a student I've had here in Taiwan. I am a student of master's degree in environment and sustainable development; I am pleased to be fascinating development in environments like these. I was really happy that my university where I am learning how to improve the Environment has this style and variety of spots. Since the classrooms where my classes to get away from them I learn the importance of the environment in general in the lives of human beings. Simply enjoying educational facilities within the university.

Because if I want to study climate change, share a while with my friends or simply thinking, I do not need to go to another place I can do here on campus. Whether walking inside the campus under the trees across the variety of spots with which account NCU. One of my favorites is the artificial lake which has since appeared in q and this is outside the university campus.

Another experience that I could have on campus is seen as the same Taiwanese love the different spots with which the university has, since many couples come here within the university to take photos for their wedding in the range of spot with which account college, taking advantage of the different seasons to do so. As families come on Sundays and enjoy it outside the university as a park, they can look at their parents come to share this time with their children. It was really pleasant to be here as a spectator of all that, and may do so from the window of my bedroom. Since I am lucky that in my bedroom I have a great view where I can enjoy that feeling of freedom only to see through the window.

“Beautiful” is the name I gave to NTCN campus, my home sweet home in Taipei. Perhaps, you’re wondering why did I gave my school such a name, rite? Well, to be a honest writer, I gave such classification due to the fact that everywhere on NTCN campus is beautiful.

Once you first see the sight of NTCN, you will soon realize that it’s a beautiful place. It’s a colorful campus with a plain white background that is composed of white-painted building, or lightly-painted buildings that give a good contrast to show the many varieties of colors that reflecting from natural environment that is surrounded by trees, plants, and flowers. In the middle of the campus, it sits a lively pond with many colorful and friendly creatures such a fish, turtle, frogs, and even bugs.

Although, the campus is full of beauty, I come to a consensus that our school library is the most beautiful in term of deeply colorful and the place filled with colorful resources. It’s is beautiful because it is the place where beautiful can be created. What is seen or can be seen on campus is a product of knowledge, which I defined as “beautiful”, without the knowledge or education; there won’t be any sense of beautiful. Beautiful is a product of creativity, and being creative is also a learned knowledge or practice, that once somebody acquired, he or she can create beautiful in terms of designing a lively and colorful campus.

So, again I say my school library is the most beautiful place on my campus because it fills with “beautiful”. And beautiful for me is knowledge, without knowledge these days, you find someone or something ugly and useless.

Xie Xie and God bless all.

The most beautiful spot in the National Taipei College of Nursing Campus is the Healing Garden. It is located just next to the front gate and it comprises of beautiful flowers, attractive statures, caring words written on attractive sculptures and running water. The garden also has walking path and sitting places where one can sit and listen to the beautiful songs of birds and stress relieving noise of fresh wind blowing the sweet smell of flowers. When you look at the smiling faces of the statures in the garden, you feel that they are living and give you expression of welcome and comfort.

This garden is truly a healing garden because it helps to relief discomfort being it due to physical or psychological stress. The charming and calm environment of the garden helps to relief muscle tensions from smooth to skeletal muscles and relaxes the body from the head to toes. It opens the heart and mind and prepares students for learning sessions just by passing through it before going to class.

What is amazing about the National Yang-Ming University is its architecture. The university is beautifully molded along the slope of the mountain overlooking not only Shipai but a major part of Taipei. At night, one can see the beauty of Taipei with its colored lights-red, yellow, pink…..you name it.

Rather than imagining how it looked like to view Taipei from Yang-Ming University, one has to come over to experience what this place has to offer especially its beauty. Just get in by MRT to Shipai station, and your journey to this amazing place begins. The tour of the school starts at the school gate and it will take you up the hill to the sports facility may be around 500 meters or more above (the school gate).

The most beautiful spot on campus is the campus itself! Located on the hillside in Shipai, in the middle of plants and trees, National Yang Ming University has a peaceful nostalgic environment. I lived in these surroundings for two long years and loved every minute of it. I enjoyed myself here very much and have no regrets about this prestigious and reputable university.

My favorite place to relax was at the top of the mountain where the multi-purpose field is. This place is so quiet and majestic that one just lies in the grass and listens to the noisy chirping of the many small insects, smell the clean air and feel the temperature of the weather. At night you can see the glittering lights of Taipei 101 and the rest of the city in the distance. When there is a full moon, I enjoyed looking at the constellation of stars in the sky. Amazing! I saw winter; spring, summer and fall from this field. It is located a distance from the foot of the hills but it is worthwhile visiting. My friends adored this area because it leaves an impression of happiness. I really love silent places because I feel at peace and that is what this area portrays.