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15. My Friendship in Taiwan

Making friends is the most important step in integrating into a society and enjoy living with them.

Friendship’s the wine of life but friendship new is neither strong nor pure. I like to meet people as I like the taste of wine. This is because friendships color my life into more meaningful.

Overall the Taiwanese people are a friendly people. I myself am a very friendly person but unfortunately that is not the topic. I love to make friends everywhere I go. I think it just comes natural for me to make friends. One of my favourite quotes is, “A good friend is better than pocket money!” This is certainly true in my situation where I am so very far away from home.

Yeah ….. I find this topic really whirred…. And finds it difficult to start since friendship has to have a connection; with nature, people, place, events and so on, to bring the whole picture of the writing. As such, my writing is focused on making Friendship in Taiwan with people around you.