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The Dragon Boat Festival was one of the most anticipated festivals for us this year.  It was not that we knew what the festival was about, it was due to the fact that we would be participating in the Dragon Boat Races. 


The second year students at NTHU had been telling us stories of how exciting the races were last year, but were disappointed in how poorly they had performed.  They were serious about performing better this year.


The second year students, with the help of the foreign student office, assisted with procuring all the equipment needed for the races.  We were to practice twice a week for one month.  First the practices involved general fitness exercise, then moved on to synchronized paddling on dry land and finally to a practice in the harbor.

Few days after I arrived in Taiwan, I heard that there is a night market near my school. It is my first time in Asia and from the movies that I watched, I always wanted to visit a night market. I was so excited that I visited it the same night I heard about it. It was beyond my expectations since I saw (and sometimes tasted) some foods I have never seen in my whole life.

Hi! My name is Sinan from Turkey. I am studying at National Tsing Hua University in Hsinchu. 

From many aspects, the life here is totally different than the life in Turkey. That’s why I preferred to study in Taiwan. It has been 3 months since I came here and I can clearly say that I learnt and experienced so many things.

My experience with Night markets has been very good, as a person who loves eating night markets represent the perfect chance to try new food as also interacting with locals. Although my Chinese is yet very bad, I find interesting the interaction with the people trying to explain me about the food.

Imagine you are walking on a street almost alone, it’s bit dark. You can hear something, you can’t distinguish what it is, so you keep walking. When you get to the corner you can see clearly. There are lights everywhere, you get stunned by the brightness and colorful environment of the place. The voice of many people combine.

I want to share with you what is the most amazing part of my life while studying here in NTHU. To me this is a place where we all can learn and prepare ourselves for a better future but also the university is a place where I met some good friends. I have the opportunity to meet people from different countries and different cultures and exchange with them the knowledge and the diverse ways of thinking but the friendship I get to build relationships here are the ones that have given me the funniest, the greatest and the most valuable experience of all. There is no way you can feel alone and you can always be part of a group that shares an interest with you, like in my case, the soccer team or simply share activities like having dinner or just hanging out. Apart from the international students I met Taiwanese friends who always showed me reviews their immediate reviews their kindness and willingness to help me. They show me more about the Taiwanese and even help me to improve my Chinese. I feel really grateful because I know I can also count on them. This is the reason what I fell that the friendship value that NTHU has brought to my life is with no doubt an amazing aspect that I am very sure that I will keep in my memories forever.

Hello everyone! My name is Clive Augustin and I hail from the beautiful island of St. Lucia, the Helen of the West. I am a first year student studying the International Master Program in Information Systems and Applications at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan. I have been in Taiwan now for a little under three months and I have not had that much experience, but I will speak about the tad bit that I have observed from the courses that I am currently taking and from my program’s structure.

For me, one of the most valuable aspects of Taiwanese education is that I am required to learn Mandarin. I know that many of my fellow ICDF scholarship holders will disagree with me but I will explain why. Currently the world population stands at approximately 7.125 billion and about 1.4 billion of that population are from nations where the official language is Mandarin. What does that mean? For me as a software developer and aspiring business man, it means that understanding mandarin and the Chinese culture will equip me with the ability to better communicate with a large percentage of the world’s population, thus making me more marketable worldwide.