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7. NCU

       Ok, it’s time to remember the good times!!!!   I have to admit that Summer time in Taiwan completely beats Chinese New Year time. Well, first of all the weather is incredible (hot but nice), and there are a lot of more people around to make friends with and best of all!!!!  NO RAIN!!!!.

        28th of June started like a normal day for me in NCU.  A cloudy but hot day it was.  Me and my friends rush at 6:00am to take a bath and prepare ourselves to take the first bus out of NCU.

“No soul is desolate as long as there is a human being for whom it can feel trust and reverence” George Eliot. 

Different are the experiences of friendship that I have had during the time that I had lived in Taiwan, from the moment that I left to El Salvador and decided to come here, many people have had at different times with whom I could share experiences very beautiful and unique . Beginning with the Salvadorans with whom I came to Taiwan and all these people from different countries that I know in my two weeks that spent in Taipei.

In Belize, we have a hurricane season that last from the first of June until the end of November. Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with a low pressure center called the “eye” and numerous thunderstorms that produce strong winds and flooding rain, very similar to Typhoons except that they form in the Atlantic. The mere mention that a hurricane is approaching or might possible pass over our country, Belize strikes primal fear into the hearts of almost every Belizean. This is because over the years only a handful of hurricanes have actually impacted us and each time they leave in their path a wake of destruction and despair. As a result the issuance of a hurricane watch or warning in Belize sparks frenzied buying of food and other supplies, boarding up of windows and doors and sometimes even mass exodus from the coastal areas to higher ground in the central regions of the country. Therefore, upon arriving in Taiwan, I had expected that Typhoons were regarded with the same apprehension.

I have lived meteorological events on major disasters such as Hurricane like Mitch in 1998 on their way through Central America, which leave my country awash with billionaires damage and around 16,000 lives lost, ten years later I'm in Taiwan, and to be more specific at NCU in Jhongly City, my only four weeks of being here I have lived the experience of two typhoons, initially I can deny that I felt a little nervous to know who was coming one of these events, because I assumed as similar of my last experience in my country, and for which I was ready for it, I bought plenty of food, water and candles, but I have been surprise, it is pleasant to me, this is not a devastating event but of course that left his footprint in its wake.

I am a student of National Central University one of the universities for my point of view is privileged for being not only conformed to classrooms, dormitories, offices and all with what has commonly a university, but it is the art of combining the environment and study areas.

At been extremely nice to be studying here because this combination of these types of environments has become more pleasant and relaxing life as a student I've had here in Taiwan. I am a student of master's degree in environment and sustainable development; I am pleased to be fascinating development in environments like these. I was really happy that my university where I am learning how to improve the Environment has this style and variety of spots. Since the classrooms where my classes to get away from them I learn the importance of the environment in general in the lives of human beings. Simply enjoying educational facilities within the university.

Because if I want to study climate change, share a while with my friends or simply thinking, I do not need to go to another place I can do here on campus. Whether walking inside the campus under the trees across the variety of spots with which account NCU. One of my favorites is the artificial lake which has since appeared in q and this is outside the university campus.

Another experience that I could have on campus is seen as the same Taiwanese love the different spots with which the university has, since many couples come here within the university to take photos for their wedding in the range of spot with which account college, taking advantage of the different seasons to do so. As families come on Sundays and enjoy it outside the university as a park, they can look at their parents come to share this time with their children. It was really pleasant to be here as a spectator of all that, and may do so from the window of my bedroom. Since I am lucky that in my bedroom I have a great view where I can enjoy that feeling of freedom only to see through the window.