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7. NCU

My Name is Miguel Conrado Valdez and I am from Honduras. I came to Taiwan in order to achieve my Master degree in Environmental Sustainable Development, and as many students which to learn more about Taiwanese culture and enjoy besides the studies the experience of living in a country that has become an example to the world and has such a different culture. At the beginning the change wasn’t totally felt since we were sharing mostly with foreign students, but at the moment we arrived at our Universities than the change was complete, normal Taiwanese life style and food, although its different, I can say that this change is fully good, at the beginning the food becomes in a cultural shock, but is now something that you start to enjoy and really appreciate.

Hi, my name is Kurt and I came to Taiwan one year ago to study a master in International Environmental Sustainable Development. Since the moment I arrived it has been a very nice experience that combines not only high level education from the University but also gives us the change to travel and know a little bit more about Taiwan in general.

This time they asked us to share our experience in our last trip to Green Island which by the way, was amazingly beautiful. This trip was very particular since not only we got the chance to travel with my friends from NCU (ICDF students) but also we got to travel with students from another university NCCU. Both groups bound very easily together what made the traveling not only a touristic experience but also a social experience. At the end we came to realize that it wasn’t only people from different universities that were involved in the trip but also people from very different countries and cultures, in which you can mention:

  • Taiwan;
  • Honduras;
  • Panama;
  • Belize;
  • Burkina Faso;
  • Holland;

Quite a mixture right..! During the trip we went first to Taidong, where we had a lot of fun. The purpose was to understand a little bit more the aboriginal culture from the city of taidong. For that matter, we went first to a very nice museum, right after, we went to a park where we had the chance of free the mind, ride some bicycles and play at least for a couple of hours, like we did when we were kids.