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Taiwan is one of the countries that is excelling in high level education and have sophisticated learning environments. I will discuss the most valuable and the most valueless aspects of Taiwanese education of colleges.

The Most Valuable Aspects of Taiwanese Education:

Creativity: Taiwanese colleges support creativity. This allows the students to think freely and increase their level of commitment in school work, and in general life as well. This can lead to accelerated improvements in technological advancements, lifestyle, economy and many more aspects of life.

Coming to Taiwan to study has been a great experience for me. It's allowed me to do many things, see many things and meet many people that I wouldn't have been able to in my country. Looking back at these things, I realize that without coming to Taiwan I might not have been the same person. This not only goes for what I think but also what I do.

Being a student away from his home and more importantly being so far away from home, can take a toll on a student. Many things you're used to from your daily live changes overnight and it's replaced by new, different things. Some of them you have never experienced, others which are things you encounter occasionally but never expected to become a regular part of your life. Leaving the Caribbean and coming to Taiwan did that, especially living in a dorm and sharing facilities. Though it might not seem like much on the outside, many things, even the most simple, can affect you. Some of them are even taken for granted. Though it is not big, one of the things which affected me was the lack of a home-cooked meal on Sundays. It sounds small, especially considering the low cost of food and large number of restaurants and shops you can buy food at, but it was something I get accustomed to. The act of going out and looking for food everyday, even on a slow day like Sunday, is not something I'm used to. In this case, something as small as not needed to leave home to get something to eat can make one miss home and all the things which they are accustomed to. With all these things coming together, you need some way to keep yourself from missing home or becoming homesick. While there is nothing wrong in missing your home, as that would be a natural reaction, being too homesick wouldn't be good as that could affect your work and even your overall enjoyment of time. Instead of seeing the bright things, you could get caught in a state of mind saying “I wish I was back home. I miss doing...”.

First of all I have to say that feeling sadness is a characteristic that all humans have in common, is just a natural process that we all go through at any time in life.

When I decided to come to Taiwan, my mind was clear that I was pursuing my dreams that I was leaving all I have to reach a better future and more opportunities. It has been hard since the first second I faced myself alone in a totally different world, a country with another language, culture and customs. It was just a big challenge in front of my eyes a challenge that I decided to experience and most important enjoy it.

The clue to my emotional success so far has been security within myself, believe in who I am and who I want to be, being a warrior and a lover of life. I enjoy every single breath I take, I feel blessed and happy for the opportunity of living each day.

I personally never felt homesick. I felt by contrary excited and happy to be in Taiwan in a different culture and rapidly I made some friends here. But I think a big part of feeling homesick is feeling uncomfortable with the unfamiliar. The fact being away from family and coffin bead, the dog and friends makes people feel homesick. I remembered during night I used to go with some friends and we got to walk around and explore college’s campus and the surrounding area. Then, the city we tried new food and we got more familiar with the place. I saw this activates help a lot to other friends of mine. The more they feel like “the place belongs to them” or “they were part of the place”, the more comfortable they feel in here.

So, they started to make new friends and be with local and international people. Even if we didn’t have a close relationship or friendship at that time, everybody was willing to recognize that we need other people in our life. With time we become more and more linked that we formed very distinctive groups. We used to eat our meals or go to movies with others. The people that at the begging used to have the feeling to had been made a bad decision to come here, started to enjoy their time alone: Whether or not they have friends around, they can still enjoy many activities like: physical exercise, basketball, football, jogging, swinging or aerobic dance. We kept things in our environment that we all can enjoy alone such as books, puzzles, arts and crafts, PS3 or music.

As students, we all face one certain madness. Madness? We face the madness of school work pressure. It is not something that can easily be dealt with. However, there are ways to get past the pressure though it may seem as though there is absolutely no escape. It may take some time to figure what works for you, but some of these tend to work for a great deal of people, myself included.

At times students are overwhelmed with the amount of pressure they have from school work. We constantly have to be looking at how we can solve problems from different angles. Also, we have to work and work at situations to be able to pull the right answer out. If not, then we fail to succeed at our studies. So, at different points in time, we are under major pressure. Therefore, we need a way to. In my case, I would plan ahead and create a time table to help manage my assignments. That in itself is the number one method I use to eliminate the pressure of school work. The time table shows how I will manage my time so I can efficiently use it to get my assignments and studies completed. This always seems to work, but it is not always so. Another way is to stay positive. When you start thinking negatively, the pressure really gets to you and it beats you down to a pulp. Just tell yourself, “I will get through this, and it is very possible.” In addition, to cope with the pressure, you need to complete your assignments BEFORE THE DEADLINE. It puts me at ease knowing that I have nothing to worry about when the time comes.

First of all, I have to say that as life is a process since the moment we get born, so it is education, a big process since we start learning.  All we learn through this path of education is going to be useful one day in our lives.  Since kindergarden through high school we learn all the basic things to define our career. The moment we get to college we experience something new, a big change and the most important thing for a human and a student we learn about self-study.

University is totally different from what we have learned in school. It is in this place in which we define our profession looking forward to the future. So since this article is about schoolwork, I believe that my principles to deal with all this work is based on dedication, passion and self-taught. These three principles are my foundations. I love my career, so far I still don't know too much about it. I admit that I still have a long path of learning, but so far I enjoy my courses. Some of them are really hard, but those are the ones I like the most, those courses in which I work harder and give all my best.

I deal with schoolwork by starting things on time and avoid feeling stress one day before the deadline. I try to be as organized as possible and if I have to work hard because I do not understand a course that is the moment in which I become a self-taught person.

Taiwan is a very special island which, despite its considerably small area, is rich in culture and still displays the remains of its ancient heritage throughout their small towns and villages in the rural areas. In my opinion, after almost four years of living here and traveling around the main and outer islands of the Republic of China, little by little the differences between its regions become more noticeable. If I were truly Taiwanese, I would consider myself as a Southern person. For us in Tainan, Taipei is too crowded for living comfortably and life pace is too stressful. For us in Kaohsiung City, you will never find better streets to drive than here in K-town and if we see someone driving recklessly or breaking the law we immediately assume they are from the North.

As many reasons as there might be for a Guatemalan to come abroad to Taiwan for study, I think the most fundamental is to learn from what Taiwanese are doing right in order to better judge the Latin American current situation and find the ways in which its weaknesses can be improved. This, of course, is not an easy task since both countries have completely different and unique historic background, which lead them to have completely different demographic and cultural characteristics.

The most obvious characteristic that denote an enormous difference is the fact that Taiwan has only about a third of Guatemala’s size in terms of area, but it doubles its population and is highly concentrated on its West coast. This is important to note when we talk about its transportation system because the reasons why it has grown to being really comfortable and convenient is because there is always people that want to travel and they are able to pay a relatively high price for the ticket. By relatively high I mean that in Guatemala a few people will be willing to pay the approximately NT$399 (US$14.00) for a bus trip or the NT$1300 (US$44.00) for a High Speed Train to travel across the country compared to the actual price of approximately Q60.00 (US$7.50) for the already considered luxury bus trip. This is to say that although it is quite admirable the fact that about every twenty to thirty minutes there is a bus departing at a bus station in Taiwan that can take you almost everywhere on the east coast twenty four hours a day, not only Guatemalans would consider it a really expensive service, but the demand of a much smaller population will not reach the offer of that many passenger seats per day. The same thing will apply to all of the other Taiwanese transportation systems.

Since arriving in Taiwan, I have noticed many things that I would want to implement in my little country, Belize. However, the system I would implement greatly in Belize would be the transportation. Two things stand out most. Many people in Belize need to go to different places at various times in the shortest time possible efficiently. Therefore, the HSR would be a great system. Also, buses do not run at regular times. Stemming from that, not many bus stops are present.

So then, let us look at the HSR. Belize is a small country with many people that have things to do. Some people take buses to go to work, school, and shop. Also, they take buses to go home. They want it done in the fastest time. Hence, if the HSR would be placed in Belize, those people would be able to go home in about 2 to 4 hours instead of 4 to 6. This would be absolutely magnificent because students would have more time to do their homework. They would arrive at home around 6:00 p.m. instead of 11:00 p.m. They would have energy to relax for a while then do their assignments instead of coming in very tired unable to do their assignments! That’s a pro! In addition, if business men had to work on the weekends and they lived far away, with the HSR they would reach in time rather than be tardy. What a wonderful world that would be!