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8. KSU

Transportation System

I’ve lived in Taiwan for the past four years and since the very first day, I’ve admired Taiwan’s Transportation system. It’s a system which only full developed countries have. Since we arrived to the Taoyuan Airport, I could witness how efficient and reliable it is by the different way to go to the airport. You can ride the MRT, take a bus or drive by yourself without any inconvenient.

After being a few days in Taipei City, our Taiwanese new friends wanted to help us know more about the city and try different foods. First transportation choice was the MRT.

I’ve never traveled on the MRT before, so when I did it was a very good experience. It’s properly labeled, foreign friendly and its very convenient. You can visit every part of Taipei just by using the MRT. At the beginning when I came here I didn’t know how to read or speak Mandarin and I had no trouble at all using it. Its relatively simple, just go to the Machine, select the station you want to go and pay for the token. You can’t get it more convenient than that.

Later on I had the opportunity to travel by bus from Taipei to Tainan, the trip was smooth and the highways are wide enough to let the traffic flow correctly. I was amazed by how well constructed are the highways. One very interesting thing I noticed was that some cities have MRT lines from one city to another. They never stop improving their transportation system.

Educational System

Education it is a right for every citizen in any country.  It’s a process in which a person is trained to develop skills and apply them in daily life. Education it’s a lifetime experience since there is always something new to learn.

The system I will chose to apply in my country it is the Educational System of Taiwan.

The principal goal of the education in Taiwan is to form the young people to be competitive and in that way help them to adapt to the world that is always in constant change, with a creative and humanist vision. To do that demands a really good method, based on strong foundations and clear goals.

Taiwan's educational system begins with one to two years of preschool education and nine years of compulsory education, including six years of elementary education and three years of junior high school education.

In the other hand the system of education in Guatemala is divided in three stages starting with primary school, followed by secondary school and tertiary education, depending on the level of technical training.

My journey from home to Taiwan all began when a friend sent me a memo by email that Taiwan is offering scholarships and that I should give it a shot by applying. At that time I was already working and making plans to start a course at a local university on the island. At first, I knew little about Taiwan, its people and culture. I only knew the political link it has with my country from witnessing its many aid programs that started quite a number of agricultural projects on the island. So, upon receiving the memo from my friend, I decided to learn more about Taiwan and its education systems; and what I found impressed me.

Much of what I knew about Taiwan at first all came from reading about it on the internet and in promotional pamphlets. Apart from all these, it is also common knowledge on the island that Taiwan is well technologically advanced for its size and it is mostly due to this reason that I chose to apply for the Mechanical Engineering program offered by Taiwan ICDF.  With most developing countries in need of engineering professionals, this could be the chance needed by many to start up a career in this field.

Furthermore, there were the scholarship scopes to consider. The Taiwan ICDF scholarship scheme is a very good one. I read more about it at that time I was considering to apply and the terms are agreeable. It covers everything from travelling costs, tuition fees, accommodation and even stipends for everyday personal needs. It’s just amazing!

When I decided to come to Taiwan to pursue a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, I did not have a clue of how this life changing experience will affect my life. One often makes mistakes when considering study destinations in terms of cost of living and some other aspects. For me, it hasn't really been the case. My time in Taiwan has been so far, a phenomenal learning experience inside and outside the classroom; back in 2009 when I was offered the opportunity to come to Taiwan. It was not so difficult to choose why I am here today. I chose Taiwan because of its outstanding higher education system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide variety of subjects; in addition Taiwan has one the best economies, infrastructure and advanced technologies in the world. This gives me the advantage to return to my home country as a highly qualify professional and be able to apply all the skills that I’ve acquired in Taiwan in order to help my country Nicaragua, who so desperate needs it.

Taiwan is a country known for their warrior leadership, for their greatest virtues in each Taiwanese, for their will to help others and for the beautiful and colorful culture.

Taiwan is an island with an area of about 35,883 km2, but with the strength of an entire nation, it proves just like in real life that not everything needs to be in a big size to be great. There are many qualities that I can recall to make emphasis of what a great country Taiwan is and why, but my words might not be enough.

But why did I choose Taiwan? , I chose Taiwan because my dream has always being to succeed as a professional and as a human being, but why do I want to succeed?

I want to succeed so in that way I can help others, and most important I can cooperate with my country and the needs Guatemalans face. But I know success requires a long path of knowledge, a path in which you learn about your major and most important you learn about life. As a hard working woman I always liked to learn from the best, but in real world many times you face the idea that everyone is the best, is in that moment in which you recognized that every single nation has their strengths and weaknesses though they are still called as the best, as a positive person I always look for the good qualities and for the ones I can work on to make them better.

As a matter of fact, studying in Taiwan has been the greatest experience in my life up to now. It has exceeded my expectations on what I imagined I could accomplish here in Taiwan. I will start by listing some of the major aspects that studying in Taiwan has contributed to my life: Open minded about people’s beliefs and behavior to take decisions and act in life, a wider view of how the world is managed, self-awareness of the professional competition to pursuit becoming an outstanding professional, and well, cultural exchange.

Studying in Taiwan is not only going to class, doing assignments, performing exams and passing courses. To study in Taiwan you have to live the experience learn and understand from people around you, how they analyze problems how they solve them how they reach goals within their professional and personal life.

Introduction Taiwan health care system is unique helping international students to preserve the most valuable asset they possess - the health -, particularly for the highly customized patient assessment service at hospitals, the advanced diagnostic techniques and the medic aid assistance. Therefore students can enjoy a comfortable life and fully dedicate themselves to the studies for successful accomplishment of their goals.
Assessment of patient On July 2012, when one of my classmates checked in to an hospital due to the sleeping disorder, he was deceived learning that the hospital regular services were closed for the day. However, to his surprise, he was routed to the emergency service where doctors would provide him the needed help. When we passed through a hall, there was a well dressed and fit to the task female doctor willing to serve with distinction and professionalism. The young student barely understood why he was suffering from such disease, but for one thing he was sure about; the doctor would help him heal. I could the see the glamour of happiness on his face. Subsequently the doctor asked few questions to comprehend the patient life style pattern. Then followed routine checks a psychologist would run for the illness. It did not take too long for the doctor to figure out that the student was having a short term sleeping disorder and prescribed drugs. Two days later the student’s life was back to normal life, even though he had experienced some side effects (irregular sleeping habit over time). As trivial as this may sound, it bears special a meaning as the patient feels confident, for being in “good hands.” Such effective diagnose and treatment are common to countries where doctors have at their disposal the advancement of bioindustry and keep themselves up to date.

Since I have been in Taiwan, I had enjoyed each and every health care that I received from the first moment I step in the beautiful land Taiwan I had great health care, beginning from the health food that I found everywhere in Taiwan, specifically Tainan . This greatly improved my health and even resulted in my weight gain over a short period of time.

I went through some minor problems, mostly headache which might be a result of change of weather. The convenience of medication I received in Tainan was great, that I could get medication anywhere nearly. This was really wonderful experience and it took me a short time to adjust myself and never went through any headache problem again.

However the table turned around from such wonderful enjoyment that I was going through in Taiwan. I encountered an accident. Encountering a scooter accident was such an awful experience I had in Taiwan during the recently ended summer vacation. This resulted in facial borne fractures that I have to go through surgery.

I was a little bit scared at the beginning but these lasted only for a short time after l began to have treatment. Even from the moment of the accident, it did not take minutes  before an ambulance took me to one of the best and Taiwan’s well  known hospital Cheng Kung University were l went through emergency treatment.  I received immediate treatment and having stitches on my broken face was really great and wonderful. Above all the most important thing was that all this was done immediately before even my friends and people l knows who were notified about the accident were on site.

Since I came to Taiwan, I heard from my new classmates and country mates about the excellent health insurance, I was a little worried because I didn’t get my insurance card until December which was 4 months later after I arrived to Taiwan.

I was trying to take care of myself as much as I can and taking vitamins because I didn’t want to catch a cold and pay the doctor with my money because everyone told me that if you don’t have insurance card is more expensive, but on the season’s change, from summer to winter, I got a flu with infection in my throat and I was afraid of the cost of the doctor without insurance card but I felt so bad that I decided to see the doctor.

After he checked what I had, he gave me so many pills that the only thing in my head was “Money I have to pay” and when they asked me for my insurance card and I said that I don’t have, they gave me the ticket and I didn’t want to see it, but of course I saw how much I have paid. Before I left the clinic, they told me that I have to keep the ticket because when I get my card I have to present it to the Health Department and they will refund part of my money because if you already applied for the Insurance card you have a emergency insurance while they give you the card. I was surprised about that because that was the only thing that no one told me before, so I presented the ticket I got some money from the Health Department and I was very happy.

“Taiwan for me is a piece of the world, and the whole world in a piece. It is beautiful, safe and developed.”
After one year and three months to be here, I can say that Chinese language is hard to learn, due to it needs to combine the four elements listening, speaking, reading, writing. And each one has its own grade of difficulty, for listening I spent almost 4 months without catch any syllable. For speaking, I still have to try several times until reach the right tone. For reading and writing, those have a directly relationship between each other and maybe the most difficult is the writing, but also it is the most beautiful.